Nice wishes for the wedding

A wedding is usually a celebration that is held on a grand scale. Family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues of the newlyweds come together to attend the wedding and to give the young couple the best wedding wishes for the life together. Saying the congratulations and showing the appreciation for the couple is of great importance for most wedding guests. That is why many people begin to write a congratulatory text several days before the wedding, which they want to bestow on the wedding day.

Some of the finest examples of wedding wishes are as follows

1) Happiness is love, nothing else. Those who can love are happy. “- Hermann Hesse

2) The only important thing in life is the traces of love that we leave when we go. “- Albert Schweitzer

3) Love is not just looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction. “- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

4) Friendship is the wedding of the soul. “- Voltaire

5) Space is in the smallest hut for a happily loving couple. “- Friedrich von Schiller

6) The wedding is the golden ring of a chain that begins with one look and ends with eternity. “- Khalil Gibran

Such quotes can be perfectly integrated into short wedding wishes for congratulations. Before that, you can add a few personal words, such as: We wish you all the best for the wedding and would like to give you these wise words along the way. In this way, you ensure an elegant congratulation, which can be performed quickly and leaves an excellent impression on the bride and groom. The smile on the faces of the bride and groom when you pronounce the words is the best reward for the effort that has been put into creating the saying.

More wedding wishes

Congratulations on your marriage …

All the best and only the best for your future as a wedding couple wish you …

May you always be in love as you are today! Good luck and joy to you …

We wish you all the best for your life together, love, happiness and health.

We wish you all the luck in the world for your wedding.

We wish you all the best of luck and health for your future together as a wedding couple. May you always go through life together with joy and love.

We wish you a wonderful life for two! All the best for your marriage!

Quotes for congratulations on the wedding

Experience teaches us that love is not about looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The sum of our lives are the hours in which we loved.
Wilhelm Busch

This is the love: that two lonely people protect and touch each other and talk to each other.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but of itself. Love does not possess, nor does it want to be possession. Because love is enough for love.
Khalil Gibran

Love is not what you expect to get, but what you are willing to give.
Katharine Hepburn

Let go, what you love. If it comes back, it’s yours – forever.

Love is not a solo
Love is a duet
Adelbert von Chamisso

A good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.
Frierich Nietzsche

Love is the only way in which even the stupid can reach a certain size.
Honoré de Balzac

A drop of love is more than an ocean mind.
Blaise Pascal


Poems for the wedding congratulations

We wish what you want from the world, infinite love, a home, enough money, we wish whatever you can wish, the young wife and the young husband. And if the clouds rise in the sky, then push them away, let love run its course. Congratulations, the loving couple who bind today, for now and forever.
Claudia Duhonj-Gabersek

You are one now, both of you, and we are one with you. Drink a glass of good wine with pleasure! And at all times remains facing one another through strife and discord, your covenant will never be destroyed.
J.W. v. Goethe

It’s nice when two stars stand close to the firmament, nice when two roses blush red. But in truth! It’s always the best to look at: How two love each other, blissfully stand together.
Justinus Kerner

If, like you, two really love each other, then their marriage is also under a good star. In any case, we only wish you sun and bliss after every cloud! There are times when happiness is too much, and times when there is too little. There are days when you’re a beggar and hours when you’re a king.
Caesar Flaischlen

It’s worth it to be a little loving and to screw everything in the simplest way. And it is not at all generous to forgive that others believe very differently than we do. And was it true that passion meant nature in good and bad, But a knot in the shoelace can only be loosened with calm and with love.
Joachim Ringelnatz

The best short wedding wishes

You can put together a few short words on congratulations. Often, however, you want to express something very special and simply cannot find the right wording. In this case it is perfectly appropriate to use a quote. Countless authors have written on the subject of wedding and you can find a whole series of short wedding wishes. If you search a little, it is possible to find a saying that expresses exactly what you feel yourself and want to convey to the wedding couple.

When choosing the quote, one should of course also take into account the taste of the bride and groom. Modern young people may like words from a popular lyrics, while a particularly pious couple may prefer a quote from the Bible. Also in literature, from classic authors to modern writers, there are numerous quotes on the subject of wedding wishes, which can be wonderfully used to briefly congratulate.

Written or oral: The beautiful wording counts

Wedding requests are made in different ways. This includes:

– personal congratulations after the wedding
– table speech at the celebration
greeting card
– entry in the guest book

Wishes for the wedding couple in the church

In the church, too, guests have the opportunity to express wishes for the newlyweds. This is done as part of the intercession, which is usually read alternately by several guests. You ask for the bride and groom for health and a long life, as well as for an undisturbed marital happiness and a rich child’s blessing. The texts are usually discussed with the clergyman and the bride and groom at one of the rehearsals in the church. But the suggestions of the guest, who was chosen for this task, are often decisive.

Wedding wishes that come from the heart

When an invitation to a wedding arrives in the house, one automatically thinks about how to convey the best wedding wishes to the happy couple. Whether with a few personal words or a successful greeting card, it is often difficult to express what you think in good-sounding words. It is therefore a good idea to get some suggestions for congratulations.

Wedding wishes – in writing or orally

The best wishes for the wedding are not always conveyed in the same form. If you are personally present at the wedding, you have the opportunity to express the wishes of the couple personally. However, congratulations are often formulated on a greeting card. Even if you bring a gift to the wedding, it is customary to hand it over with a card on which you can express your best wishes again.

Make wedding wishes funny

A happy mood is announced at weddings. Two people found each other and decided to go their own way together and celebrate this event with friends who are close to them. A wedding thrives on happy laughter and the smile that one likes to conjure up on the faces of the bride and groom. As a guest, the best way to contribute to such a mood is to make the wedding wishes funny.

Those who present humorous wedding wishes in front of the crowd of guests at the beginning of the celebration can also help break the ice and transform the initial stiffness into a relaxed relationship. That is why people who are responsible for organizing the wedding often ask some guests to prepare funny wedding sayings that will become part of the entertainment program. Other guests are often inspired and follow with their own sweeping congratulations. So the wedding party will soon start to be a success.

You should pay attention to this in funny wedding sayings

Humor is a relatively personal matter and not all people are on the same wavelength in this regard. What a person finds funny can simply offend the next. Therefore, you should carefully weigh the humor of the newlyweds before making the wedding wishes funny.

In case of doubt, it is better to avoid a promising punch line if you can avoid hurting feelings. If you know the bride and groom well and have laughed often and happily together in the past, you can also weave in small, shared events to make your wedding wishes particularly individual. In particular, in the form of a poem, such wedding wishes are usually a complete success, as they prove that a lot of thought has been given to the small speech.

Funny wedding wishes for friends’ wedding

Funny wedding wishes can pull the laughs at his side at the wedding party and ensure a good mood. However, one should be sure that the bride and groom share their own understanding of humor and will also have a good time with the humorous sayings. If the bride and groom are good friends that you have known for a long time, a funny, brisk saying is a wonderful idea. However, if you are not so familiar with the wedding couple, you should use humor with caution.

Funny sayings that are popular

  1. “Too tired to party? Double shifts? No time to spend money? You should be married, your wife is happy to take on these chores.”
  2. “Marriage is a bridge that you have to build every day, ideally from both sides.”
  3. “Marriage – the alliance of two people, one of whom can never remember birthdays and the other never forgets them.”
  4. “The honeymoon is over when the dog brings the slippers and the woman barks at you.”

Such fun wedding wishes can be used in different ways. They provide joy not only as a small lecture at the celebration. Even on the wedding card or as an entry in the guest book, humorous sayings are a wonderful way to wish happiness to the wedding and are often read again after the wedding.