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  • January 11, 2020

Wedding Trend for 2020

If you are planning a wedding for 2020 as a bride, you are already curious about the latest trends to include them in your wedding planning. Therefore, you should inform yourself in good time about what is “in” this year.

Coral – a vibrant color that gives energy

Coral is the new color for the wedding and looks cheerful and romantic at the same time. The color can be wonderfully combined and, together with white and gold, for example, is simply irresistible. Those who love contrasts can also dare a combination with blue or mint green. On Pinterest you can already see some nice ideas that illustrate how the color can be used at the wedding. Even a wedding dress with ornaments in coral can look wonderful and be a particularly individual idea for the bride.

Pampas grass from South America

Another new trend that will certainly prevail at weddings in 2020 is pampas grass. The grass is available in various attractive colors so that it can match the colors of the wedding exactly. You can use it to design table decorations or decorations for the hall and even use the noble-looking grass on the bridal bouquet. This grass is not yet available everywhere. Therefore, you should inquire with the florist in good time whether the pampas grass can be obtained for the wedding.

Free Wedding Ceremony instead of church

The trend towards Free Wedding ceremonies instead of a church ceremony will continue to prevail in 2020. Often the reason is that the bride and groom belong to different religions. However, many couples find a free wedding ceremony simply more informal and carefree and do not want to be bound to old traditions on their special day. Family and friends can be better involved in the ceremony and you have the flexibility to organize a party according to your own wishes.

Wedding products you need at every wedding

These are the top products you need at almost every wedding.

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