Wedding Songs for a happy get-together

After the church ceremony with the corresponding church songs has ended, the musical accompaniment for the wedding celebration can be designed according to your own taste. There are many songs for the wedding that are perfect for the occasion with meaningful lyrics. Since several generations often come together at a wedding party, it is advisable to choose songs from different musical styles so that there is something for every taste.

Wedding Songs to sing along and listen to

Of course, there are many ways to present music at the wedding party. Whether you choose music from the stereo system or hire a band with a singer for the day is up to the taste of the individual and of course also the budget. However, it is important that the repertoire of songs for the wedding includes some of the popular melodies that young and old like to sing along with. There is hardly a way to create a mood for the festival faster than playing songs that everyone loves.

Wedding songs speak every language

It is often a difficult decision when it comes to deciding which music to choose for the festival. After all, all wedding guests should feel satisfied and find a song that encourages them to sing along. Some songs are particularly suitable for weddings. This also includes:

Popular wedding songs

1. Kate Perry – Unconditionally

2. Westlife – Beautiful in White

3. Philipp Poisel – Liebe Meines Lebens

4. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

5. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

7. Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are

8. Olly Murs – Hand on Heart

9. Beyoncé – Halo

10. Tyrone Wells – This Moment Now

With such songs for the wedding you can inspire the guests and even feel goosebumps when you listen to the romantic words on this special day.

Choose the most beautiful wedding songs

For the most beautiful day in life, the right musical background should not be missing to give the day a special touch. Even the ceremony at the registry office, which seems to be quite dry for most bridal couples, can get a romantic character through a few beautiful wedding songs. Wedding songs also play an important role in the church ceremony. It is no longer necessary to just play hymns, but can also choose secular music. It is best to choose a combination of sacred and secular music for the ceremony in the church. From the march into the church to the song that is played immediately after the wedding ceremony, these songs shape the wedding. Under consultation you can choose your own songs today and especially after the wedding you should plan a song that connects you with your partner. This song will always remind you of the wedding. The guests are also attuned to the wedding celebration by the romantic wedding songs at the wedding ceremony.

The most beautiful songs for the wedding party

If you choose the wedding songs for the festival, you should pay attention to the age-related composition of the guests. It is possible to choose the songs so that there are a few favorite songs for everyone:

– english songs
– classical piano music
– modern pop music
– skirt

With a good variety in the choice of music there is no boredom. The song to which you will dance the wedding dance deserves special attention. It is often said that this wedding song should be a wedding waltz. But as a bride and groom you should choose the song that you like best and then practice the appropriate steps with a dance teacher. The wedding dance is one of the most romantic moments at the wedding party and therefore a song should be played with which the bride and groom can fully identify.

The most beautiful love songs for the wedding

The wedding is a feast of love between two people, and of course romantic love songs for the wedding should not be missing. When choosing, you can choose both the classic songs that have inspired previous generations or modern wedding love songs that perfectly express your feelings.

Songs for the wedding ceremony

The love songs for the wedding, which are to be played when entering the church and during the ceremony, must be chosen with particular care. Classic titles are particularly suitable for this. The wedding march of Mendelssohn Bartholdy is one of the absolute favorites when entering the church, which has not lost its importance even today. At the wedding ceremony, you can choose two or three more love songs for the wedding.

Love songs – a colorful mix of songs for the wedding party

When planning the love songs for the wedding for the celebration after the wedding ceremony, one should also consider the taste of the guests. Such a family festival usually gathers people of all ages, so you should also choose a mix of modern and more traditional titles when it comes to music. The most beautiful classic love songs for the wedding include:

– Power of Love by Celine Dion
– Can you feel the Love tonight by Elton John
– Always by Bon Jovi

With modern titles, you can choose love songs of the following types:

– Marry Me from Train
– Forever and for Always by Shania Twain
– Crazy in Love by Beyonce

With such a musical mix you create a great atmosphere that inspires all guests.

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