Wedding Shower – it can be funny

The wedding shower is an old custom with which one wishes the bride and groom good luck before the church wedding. The guests bring porcelain to the occasion, which is smashed in front of the bride’s parents’ house. The broken pieces are said to bring good luck. And not only that: The loud rumble helps to drive away evil spirits.

Therefore, in addition to a funny gift, you should also bring old dishes to smash. Incidentally, the heap of broken glass must be swept up by the bride and groom together. The sweeping together symbolizes the start of married life and mastering challenges as a couple. As a rule, the wedding shower is a rather informal occasion.

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What are good wedding shower gifts?

If you are not only going to the wedding shower, but also to the wedding party, it is sufficient if you hand over a single wedding gift at the wedding party. But in this case you might want to add support for the wedding shower, such as contributing a little to food or drinks. You can also ask what food or drinks are missing and bring them with you.

If you only go to hen party, it is appropriate if you would bring along a small wedding shower gift next to the old dishes to be thrown – the gift can also be funny here.

When it comes to costs, it is of course important whether you are alone or in a group. If you go with other people (e.g. colleagues, neighbors, club members etc.), it would of course be nice if you pool the money and organize a really big gift. Because then you can also buy something unusual that will be remembered for a long time by the bride and groom.

Gift ideas for the wedding shower

Vouchers are always a nice gift idea. Especially if you do not know the bride and groom so well, they are always a good tip for hen party gifts. Giving away money is also possible at hen night. The right packaging is of course important here. You can implement money gifts very creatively. Money boxes, for example, can be nicely decorated. Have a photo of the couple printed on it or your personal wedding wishes. A little insider tip for a nice hen party gift is something the couple can do together. Present the future couple with a dance or cooking class. A fun and, above all, useful idea is a broom to sweep up the pieces. Bride and groom will be happy about this little joke.

Wedding Shower – The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find out the most important details and the possible schedule for a wedding shower. How do you organize a wedding shower? When is the ideal time for a wedding shower? You will find the right answers to all your questions here.

Question 1: When should the wedding shower be celebrated?

The evening before the wedding, the evil spirits are traditionally driven out. The wedding shower used to take place one day before the wedding. Nowadays this tradition has been abandoned, since after such an evening it usually takes a long time to regenerate. So there is the possibility of rumbling 2-3 days before the wedding, but we would recommend 1-2 weeks the wedding shower. So you have enough time to relax accordingly.

Question 2: Who should you invite?

The closest friends, acquaintances and neighbors are invited to rumble. As is well known, the occasion is a casual occasion where you want to be among yourself and have fun accordingly. As you know, this only works with people you really like and know accordingly. Do not force yourself to invite people out of duty on this unique day. This evening should be yours!

Question 3: Which place is best for rumbling?

Those who bow to tradition celebrate in front of the bride’s parents’ house. However, many wedding couples no longer follow this custom and accordingly rent a restaurant, ballroom, etc. or simply go to the stalk and go to a variety of restaurants and simply celebrate accordingly.

Question 4: What can be thrown?

Basically, almost anything can be thrown. Dinner plates, bowls, breakfast cups, coffee cups, etc. The only condition is that it is porcelain or earthenware. Under no circumstances should glass or mirrors be thrown, as this is known to bring bad luck! If you like it unusual, sinks, toilet bowls and even bathtubs are increasingly sighted on wedding showers.

Question 5: How long does it take to sweep?

You have to sweep as long as the pile is enough. There are leaders where this takes up to 4 hours. As a rule, you can expect a maximum of 1/2 hour. Our tip for the newlyweds, get a lock for the garbage can so that it can no longer be knocked over.

Question 6: What should you give for a wedding shower?

Basically, you can give just about anything you think the bride and groom will enjoy. You can find a large selection of wedding shower gifts and articles in our wedding shop.

Question 7: Is there a dress code?

The wedding shower is a casual, casual occasion and accordingly the choice of clothing is easy, put on what you wear in your everyday life. In our wedding shop you will also find special t-shirts and accessories that suit the evening.

Question 8: Is there a traditional meal?

Basically, there are simply uncomplicated dishes such as Sausages, cold snacks, etc. Everything is open with regard to drinks, from beer to various types of schnapps, vine, etc.

Question 9: Swept Out – And Now What?

There are many options for entertainment. Musical entertainment or playing appropriate batting games loosen the mood accordingly.

Question 10: Are there customs?

Basically, throwing dishes and sweeping is the custom that is carried out very often. But there is also the custom such as nailing the bride’s shoes to a wooden board or burning the groom’s pants at midnight. This should signal that the man no longer wears his pants after the wedding.

Wedding Rituals: Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is often informal and very casual, but should still be well planned. It is most ideal for guests who cannot be invited to your wedding but would still like to celebrate with you (e.g. work colleagues, neighbors, …).

If you have planned to celebrate your wedding in a small group, then it makes sense to plan the wedding shower a little larger. You can find out all the important points here that need to be considered.

Choose an appointment

Traditionally, the hen party takes place the day before the wedding. An old tradition that is very stressful. Because you don’t want to appear at your own wedding with a hangover and a few hours of sleep.

For this reason, the hen party is often celebrated a few days to weeks before the wedding.


The costs for the hen party are mostly dependent on the planned number of guests, the location and the food.

Our budget planner can help you estimate the cost of the evening.

Organize wedding shower

It is very often planned and organized by the groomsmen.

For this reason, you should clarify with your groomsmen exactly which tasks will be performed by the groomsmen and which tasks you would prefer to take on yourself.

A tip: plan your wedding party small, then surprise your guests with a wedding gift at the wedding shower.


Good music naturally lifts the mood on the wedding shower. In the event that you have already organized a DJ for your wedding, you can also compile a playlist and play the music on wedding showers through boxes, so it won’t be expensive either.

But if you are planning a small wedding, then you should really celebrate the hen party with party music (DJ or live band) for a long time.


Traditionally, the wedding shower is held in front of the couple’s house or the bride’s parents’ house. Due to space and noise reasons, people like to switch to another location today, e.g. a pub or a hall.

However, it should be noted that there is also enough space for rumbling at the location.

Whether your hen party is celebrated at home or in a restaurant, it is advisable to narrow the “broken glass area” with a red and white barrier tape, for example. As a bride and groom, you can finish the shards more quickly and can dedicate yourself to your guests.


There is no dress code at the wedding shower, as it is a casual party. In the event that you want to celebrate your wedding shower a little more sophisticated, then you should definitely inform your guests.

A particularly great idea for a wedding shower – partner look for the newlyweds!

The invitation to rumble

In some regions there is no invitation to the wedding shower. Everyone who knows the newlyweds just come along.

However, an advertisement is often placed in the newspaper.

However, since the cost and size of the celebration are very difficult to estimate, guests receive a personal invitation.

Food and Drinks


At the wedding shower, the food is not in the foreground, for this reason it does not have to be time-consuming or expensive – but you should make sure that there is enough food for all guests!

A cold buffet or a good selection of sausage and cheese rolls is quite sufficient. If the location allows, you can of course also grill.

You can also hire a catering service or organize it yourself to save costs.

Beverage for the wedding shower

Make sure you have enough soft drinks, beer and water at your wedding shower. You can also offer different juices or cocktails.

If you are generally very drinkable and it is also okay if your guests drink a little more about the thirst, you can of course also offer schnapps and other high-proof drinks.

Small individual wedding liqueurs, which are provided with your picture and with which you can give your wedding shower a more festive mood, are a particularly great idea.

Saving tip: It is best to buy the drinks for the wedding shower on commission – there is enough there and you can return any unopened boxes or possibly even bottles.

The decoration

The wedding shower decoration is usually kept simple, but it also looks nice if you decorate your location with flowers. Here are a few more decorating ideas:


A particularly great idea are individual hen party banners, which you can put up at the entrance and which also convey a good party mood.

Table Decoration

The table decoration should be rustic and simple. But it looks a lot nicer if you decorate your tables with colored paper and a few flowers.

Even a few tea lights at night conjure up a nice ambience, without the decoration becoming too expensive.

The decoration should not be exaggerated, because you should be able to see an increase in your wedding decoration later.

Guest book

When rumbling, a guest book is also published in which all guests can immortalize themselves.

But especially at a small wedding, a guest book for the wedding shower is a great souvenir.

Whether you use a classic guest book or a creative guest book is entirely up to you.