Wedding Sayings – Here you will find the right saying

Who does not know this situation, you are invited to a wedding and would like to contribute a little something to the wedding celebration. Be it reciting a wedding poem or writing suitable wedding sayings for the guest book. What kind of wedding wish do you write on the wedding gift or wedding card?

Since we are always one step ahead with weddings and planning, we would like to help you and introduce wedding sayings that we were able to get to know at weddings and that we personally liked best. As the tastes are known to be different, we have drawn from the full and put together a few more wedding sayings for you.

Popular Wedding Sayings

1) There is always a smart woman behind a long marriage.

2) An optimist is someone who believes in marriage. A pessimist is a married optimist.

3) Who dares, dares.

4) Getting married means giving up small things to have greater values.

5) Love is real, love is important, it is the soul of life.

6) Love is to surrender without giving up.

7) Marriage is there to solve problems together that you wouldn’t have on your own!

8) Marriage is a duel that begins with wrestling.

9) Love means being tied to each other without tying the other one.

10) Love means finding yourself in the other and growing together.

11) We are words individually, together a poem.

12) So check whoever binds himself forever to find something better.

13) Marriage is a mistake that is made in pairs.

14) Whoever does not love at the right time must marry what is left.

15) Everyone hears the music differently, but the dance together is wonderful.

16) Marriage is like a bridge that you have to build again and again. Ideally from both sides.

17) Love is the light of life – and in marriage comes the electricity bill.

18) Getting married is perhaps a man’s last decision that he could make himself.

19) You don’t find love like a shell on the beach. You can’t look for them, they find you.

20) Marriage is the beginning and the culmination of all culture.

21) The noblest thing about love is trust in each other.

Romantic Sayings for the wedding – Here you will find the right saying

1) If two hearts beat in the same rhythm, they should do it all their lives.

2) Marriage should bring you joy
everything should succeed through love.
Love makes many things easy
a lot can be achieved with love.
Love overcomes difficult things
and find each other together.

3) Love does not see with the eyes, but with the heart.

4) The great happiness in love is to find peace in another heart.

5) In a good marriage, the “YOU” is more important to everyone than the “I” and the “WE” is the purpose of all action.

6) We were born for love.
It is the basis of our existence
and their own goal.

7) Because only he is rich who is loved and may love.

8) You say “yes” to a life together, in which you experience new things together, get to know your strengths and limits and together broaden your horizons.

Funny Wedding Sayings

1) Love is the only slavery that is experienced as a pleasure.

2) end of life with 3 letters?

3) Love at first sight: The most common eye disease.

4) The Church knows why it protects its priests from marriage.

5) Of course, two people are required to get married – the bride and her mother.

6) Marry or not marry, you will definitely regret it.

7) Women simplify our pain, double our joy and triple our expenses.

8) The husband is a raw material, not a finished product!

9) Marriage is like a besieged castle, those who are inside want to get out, and those who are outside want to get in.

10) If a man decides to marry, this may be the last decision he could make himself.

11) Honeymoon – the first attempt to escape marriage reality.

12) Three types of men struggle to understand women: young men, middle-aged men and old men.

13) The woman cries before the wedding, the man after.

14) You only know what happiness is after you have married. – And then it’s too late.

„amazon“Wedding Sayings for the guest book

The wedding guest book is an important part of any wedding ceremony. It gives the newlyweds a wonderful overview of all the invited wedding guests and invites them again and again, even years after the big day, to leaf through them and look forward to loving words, wishes and dedications. If you, as a well-wisher and wedding guest, already know in advance that a guest book will be ready to immortalize nice and intimate lines at the upcoming wedding celebration, then get some nice phrases to write down in advance.

Please do not be surprised that our guest book wedding sayings are rather short and concise. The meaning behind this is basically that a wedding saying in the context of a guest book should only be a mental inspiration that stimulates reflection and reflection. Then you should formulate a few of your own and dear wishes to the bride and groom. As part of your wishes for the future and your life together, you can also go into the meaning and meaning of the chosen saying for the guest book for the wedding.

Sayings for the guest book

1) This day, how quickly it passes.
So it would be nice if from you
what is in the guest book as a reminder.
Be so nice and write very fine
into our guest book.

2) Dear guests, be careful,
we brought you something.
No, you can’t keep it
You should only design it for us.
And that’s why you shouldn’t grace yourself
and formulate something nice.

3) This is the opportunity.
That moment.
That little bit of time
once in a lifetime.

4) Dear guests, whether big or small,
please write in this book
what shoots through your mind
what you enjoy on our wedding day.
Then after many years of marriage,
old and with very little hair,
sit together on the sofa
and tip into this book,
happy memories are awakened
on our wonderful wedding day.

Wedding Sayings: Originality counts

At the wedding, many poetic inlays are expected from the many guests. One is nimble with sayings on hand and can quickly quote or write his own poem. Others make wedding sayings a little more trouble and they like to prepare days in advance what they want to do for the wedding. Whichever way you choose to make your wedding announcement, it is important that the words show how much you value the bride and groom and that you wish the best of luck.

Wedding Sayings for the 2nd marriage

1) There are two periods when a man does not understand a woman: before the wedding and after the wedding.

2) The secret of a long marriage? It’s simple: you just have to find the right woman and get old enough.

3) Whoever wants absolute clarity before almost making a decision will never make up his mind.

4) The second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

5) Without belief in its duration, love would be nothing, only permanence makes it great.

6) The first marriage is the test, the second marriage is successful.

7) As with sport, the first half is interesting, the second is crucial.

8) It is important to gain experience and learn from it – this experience makes the second marriage much better.

9) It’s not the past that matters, it’s the future.

Sayings for children

1) I am small my wish is big: the wedding couple should be happy.

2) I’ve come up with a little kid that I hope you’ll enjoy. It only says briefly and clearly: Good luck to the young couple!

3) When I grow up, I do it like you: I take a pretty woman and watch the children.

4) I’m still a little important, a long poem is too difficult for me, so I’ll tell you without studying: I want to congratulate you warmly.

5) I’m standing here as a little man who can’t really write poetry. When mum thought, quickly made a verse to me, and now hear what I say: The newlyweds live up for all days!

6) I am the smallest in the circle, who does not yet have much to say, but who always wishes the dearest couple the most beautiful!

7) You said so cheerfully, we all heard it, I strewed flowers on the way, that honored me very much, now I want a piece of cake at the end, and a big kiss from the bride.

8) Good luck and sunshine shine into your heart. Who wants this. What do you think? I the smallest!

Wedding Sayings for the family

1) My child I wish you the best, you should never live from leftovers, happiness, love and confidence should have the greatest weight for you.

2) I remember when you were very young and today you should be the most beautiful bride of all, you should never have grief on the rest of your days.

3) We are so proud of you, that carries a lot of weight for your father and me, we wish you and your gods a lot of love, happiness, friends and no shadows.

4) My son, we can congratulate you on the most beautiful woman, you can build on this, many grandchildren wish us so that we have something small to take care of again.

5) My dearest sister I can hardly believe it, today there is nothing left to screw on you, your future and you stand there like sunshine forever you should be happy.

6) My little brother today you are very big, I think you have drawn the big lot, you should never be sad, your marriage will remain pure, from now on you will be a husband. Take good care of your wife, she shines like the sun is looking. You should have a lot of love, luck and wealth, until the end of your days.

7) Look at you, my little girl has become a woman, your life should never be rough, today I was allowed to guide you by the hand for the last time, I gave you your husband, who will protect you as much as I can. I wish you the very best of luck. Love and wealth should accompany you and for all time.

Opportunities for Wedding Sayings

At the wedding, guests have various opportunities to congratulate the newlyweds with a meaningful saying:

– right after the ceremony
– at a table speech
– with a greeting card

A wedding saying can be delivered both verbally and in writing. Those who cannot attend the wedding send their wedding sayings in the form of a pretty greeting card so that the couple knows that they were thought of on that special day. But if you feel uncomfortable saying your own saying at the wedding, you can also choose the written form as a guest. The saying can be on a gift tag that is attached to the wedding gift.

Wedding congratulations – the right presentation and the timing

The right time for the wedding sayings is when all the wedding guests are together, such as when eating. In any case, this part of the wedding will be revealed after the wedding ceremony. There are also several options for the bride and groom to store congratulations, pictures or a personal gift, for example in the guest book, wedding newspaper or directly at the dinner table. The latest trend is for trees or dandelions to have their fingerprints immortalized. No matter how you decide, it will definitely be an unforgettable memory that will keep the bride and groom smiling long after the wedding and make them swell in old memories.

Romantic, simple or rather funny?

The most important thing about congratulations and wedding sayings is that these lines exude a personality. It always depends on how well you know the bride and groom and how far the humor goes. It is important that the congratulations are individually tailored to the newlyweds. Here you will find some ideas and approaches for congratulations.

Find beautiful sayings


Those who want to prepare for their saying can find suggestions in various ways. There are always suggestions for beautiful wedding sayings on wedding portals on the Internet and of course you can also search for quotes in the world literature that deal with the topic of love and wedding. However, it is often worth the effort to write a personal saying that relates directly to the bride and groom. In this way, you quickly conjure a smile on the faces of the bride and groom and know at that moment that you have made your words a real pleasure.

Funny sayings for the wedding

At a wedding you can laugh, giggle and smile. Because it is a real festival of joy. We would like to present you funny wedding sayings for funny and funny wedding cards. Perhaps you would like to congratulate the dear couple on a humorous wedding and give your congratulations or your greeting card an amusing note? With these funny wedding sayings you will definitely succeed!

For well-wishers for information: Think through that funny wedding sayings and funny words are appropriate in the context of a marriage, in which you are 100 percent sure that the couple understands fun and has a sense of humor. Otherwise you just resort to classic and serious words; so you are always on the safe side.

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