Wedding rings? We make the selection easy!

Wedding rings  – is the most important symbol of marriage. A stick-on ring or the dowry for the lady are important accessories and wonderful memories of one of the most important days in your partnership. There may be a few ring buying terms that are not known to you. Your jeweler or goldsmith will be happy to assist you and give you information.

The classic – the gold ring

Here you have the choice between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and rose gold and then you should still decide between 14 karat (585/000) or 18 karat (750/000), and then possibly between multicolored or einfärbig ….

Simply put: 14 carats and one-colored is always cheaper than 18 carats (because at 14 carats the gold content is less than at 18 carats) and multi-colored. A multi-colored ring is always more complex and labor intensive, so the price increases. Multi-colored is often referred to as bicolor.

Carat: fine gold (24 karat or 999.9) is rarely used as jewelry because it is very soft. The gold is usually an alloy of fine gold with other metals such as silver, copper, palladium … By alloying with other metals different gold colors can be produced, but above all, is alloyed to make the material harder. The carat number gives information about the amount of gold in the alloy. The metal mixture is crucial for the different colors.

Yellow Gold: The classic wedding ring, as you already know it from grandparents and parents.

White gold: Very popular as a wedding ring. The whitish color arises e.g. by the addition of palladium (gray)

Rose gold and rose gold: The gold has a particularly soft reddish hue due to a higher copper content.

Platinum Ring: Platinum is a very hard and durable precious metal that is naturally white.

What is the morning present?

The Morning Gift – a beautiful custom where the bride gets a special gift from her groom the morning after the wedding. Morning gift is a traditional wedding custom that is still performed by many newlyweds.

The history of wedding rings

For the bride and groom the meaning of the wedding at the wedding plays a very important role.

To show the symbol – the connectedness in the marriage in public, the wedding ring is worn by most couples with full pride. The wedding ring is a sign that the connection is forever and everlasting and a sign to the rest of the world that this couple has sworn endless love.

History of wedding rings

Legend has it that a boy and a girl loved each other since childhood and wanted to marry. But before they could do that, the boy had to go on a long voyage across the sea. It was very dangerous at the time.

The girl knew that her lover would not return for a long time, she broke a big ring in two. One half she gave to the boy, the other kept her on a string around her neck.

When the boy finally arrived intact at his destination, he sent his half of the ring back to his lover. This allowed the girl to reassemble the parts of the rings, so she knew the boy was fine. Even if she could not see him, he was with her. Her love was as endless as the ring symbolizes without beginning and end.

Tradition of wedding rings

The tradition of the wedding lies many centuries back. Since ancient times it is custom to wear a ring for wedding. Both with the Egyptians, and Romans, this custom was. However, at that time only the woman wore a ring on her finger.

Unlike today in many cultures, the wedding ring was worn on the left hand. The general belief was that there was a vein that led directly from the heart to the ring finger of the left hand – the so-called “vena amoris”, in English: love vein.

In both cultures no distinction was made between engagement ring and wedding ring. Although one wore the wedding ring earlier, but he had a much less romantic meaning. He also stood for the binding of two people, but was primarily a receipt of the dowry.
The sacred meaning of the wedding rings in the Christian church occupied since Pope Nicholas (around 850 AD) and is considered from that time as a portrait of faithfulness, permanence and marital bond before God.

Just as the ring occupies neither beginning nor end, so the relationship of the couple should last forever. Since the 13th century, the ring is part of the church wedding.

There has been a difference between the engagement and wedding rings since the 15th century. The style of the engagement ring was free for everyone. It was worn either as a knot, in a braided or twisted form.

The wedding ring was simple, with no beginning and no end. To this day, this custom has been preserved. Two intertwined rings symbolize the endless duration of marriage, as they can not be separated without being damaged. This translates equally to marriage, which holds “until death separates them”.

Culture of the wedding ring

It varies from culture to culture on which hand the Ehring is born. In countries such as Greece, Spain and the US, the wedding ring is worn on the left, as it was introduced centuries ago. In Austria, Germany, Norway and Bulgaria the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. The right hand is said to stand for “law and order”. This symbolizes that marriage is a serious bond for life.

In Germany, the engagement ring is usually replaced by the later wedding ring, in other cultures, however, the engagement ring is additionally worn with the wedding ring after the wedding ceremony.

Wedding rings today

Today, many wedding ring manufacturers are trying to reconcile this tradition with the wishes of married couples.