Different ways of wedding planning

Plan your own wedding yourself – economical and effectively. Enclosed we offer a variety of ways to plan your wedding!

1) Wedding planning notebook

For a successful wedding planning we recommend a matching notebook. These two notebooks are perfect for this. The great thing about these two books is that you are guided step by step through all the necessary stages of wedding planning and can make your own notes in the book in all positions.

2) Wedding Checklist + Wedding Planning Mini Guide

A wedding should be planned well, so that everything runs according to desire and the day the bridal couple and all wedding guests in the positive memory in the memory. To help you get the most out of your wedding, you’ll find an extensive complimentary Wedding Checklist, 12-month Wedding Plan, Wedding Planning Mini Guide and Wedding Day Agenda for all the important items and details for successfully planning your wedding.

3) Books for wedding planning

These books are our favorites when it comes to wedding planning. No matter which book you choose, you will surely be able to successfully plan your wedding with one of these books. If you do not like any of these books, you will find more literature in our book shop.

4) Apps for wedding planning

There are already many apps for wedding planning. We recommend the following 3 apps:

Wedding Planner by The Knot

Wedding planner by Wedbox

Wedding Planner by WeddingWire

5) Business Directory – The necessary service providers for your wedding

In our business directory you will find a large selection of service providers sorted by federal state.

6) Onlineshop

In our shop you will find a large selection of products and books for a successful wedding.

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Plan the wedding day

At the beginning of the wedding planning, the future bride and groom explains the setting. Should the wedding celebration be celebrated with hundreds of friends and relatives or do you wish to marry in the closest circle? When clarifying the question, there are quite often differences between the bridal couple – a compromise has to be negotiated with which both partners are satisfied. The wedding should not only be the most beautiful day in your life, but also a special and unforgettable experience for your partner. For this reason, it can be helpful for the bridal couple to get involved in time with a wedding planner who structures the wedding planning.

The wedding planner decides all important points that make the big day special and a wonderful wedding celebration. If the rough frame and the date clarified, it goes to the fine tuning of the wedding. It should be clarified how many guests are sitting at each wedding table, which wedding music is played and whether the wedding day is planned with wedding customs.

The concrete wedding planning is best started 1 year – 9 months before your desired date for the wedding. You will quickly realize that the time is not long, but marriages demand their attention. The groom picks a suit, the bride goes in search of bridal gowns. In most cases, visiting several bridal shops is necessary to find the ideal bridal gown. In the search, relatives, friends or maids can help. The rule is: the woman is allowed to see the suit of the man; the man has to wait until the wedding ceremony to see the wedding dress for the first time. At the wedding, the bride and groom can consider whether all the guests should attend the first act of the wedding or if they only get married in a small circle. After the yes-word follows the second act of the wedding – the wedding celebration.

Until the day of the actual wedding, all the details for the wedding must be planned. The wedding tables should be decorated, the wedding cake cooled and the wedding music prepared. Small gifts and place cards make for a positive first impression with the guests, the bride and groom can provide a personal welcome for further joy at the wedding reception. In addition, the guests can take another look at the beautiful wedding dress and congratulate the groom for his good catch. Only after the official welcome, and unless otherwise communicated, do guests go to each wedding table to take their place.

The traditional process of a wedding – the wedding day

– civil or religious marriage
– welcome at the wedding reception
– taking the seats at the wedding table
– pictures of the wedding with a photographer
– buffet or menu as dinner
– opening dance and desired games
– cutting the wedding cake
– enjoy your own wedding

The participants of the wedding are not only passive spectators, they also have to take the initiative for the wedding to be a success. In most cases the witnesses are used for this. They organize the cr1eation and planning of a wedding newspaper, plan funny wedding sayings and assign important tasks to work for the spouses. Only with the help of other people, the wedding celebration is a success. In the evening and during the wedding, all guests should also have their wallets with them to partially finance their wedding day. They buy the wedding paper, hand over the wedding gifts, or give a token for honeymoon.

A wedding is never one-sided. Everyone involved makes sure that the wedding day becomes a memorable experience. With the wedding gifts, you can ensure in advance that you only get what you want. You are planning a list for the wedding gifts, writing directly on the invitation or serving at a “wedding table online” to determine what you need most.

Do not forget the honeymoon when planning

The honeymoon usually takes place directly after the wedding day and provides the necessary relaxation after the planning of the last weeks. Mostly the spouses fly south and enjoy their honeymoon on the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Popular destinations for the honeymoon

– Seychelles
– Paris
– Caribbean
– Mallorca
– Dubai
– South Africa
– Thailand
– Mexico

Different ways of wedding planning – plan your wedding today.