Wedding Planning Mini Guide

You decided to get married and now faces the challenge how do you actually plan the best possible upcoming wedding?

With our Wedding Planning Mini Guide we would like to show you the essential steps of wedding planning. So you get a clear overview, what will come to you.

We already have 100th of weddings and celebrations. That’s exactly why we have a lot Ideas and tips ready for you
so that your wedding will be a great event.

Now we want you give a brief glimpse of how the success of your dream wedding is guaranteed and how best to plan your wedding can start.

Plan your wedding – important decisions are pending

3 essential lists

Planning your wedding is especially important. If something is not right or something is forgotten, it can be easy
that your wedding may sway.

Your budget is not enough for a professional but you want your wedding to be a forgetful and make wonderful moment, then you should not forget the following:

    1. Create a guest list so that nobody is forgotten!
    2. Get an overview of how much budget you have available
      and don’t forget to write down all the bills!
    3. And finally – regulates the exact process of your wedding!

Make a note of all things so that you don’t forget anything. This is the only way to have an unforgettable and wonderful wedding. But don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Theme wedding or a color as a theme?

The bride and groom are in charge on this special day. That’s exactly why you choose the theme or your favorite color, that suits you and pleases you. Because with the selection you should be able to recognize yourself.

The best thing is to take your time and go through everything in detail again, to make a common decision. You can also use your ideas for wedding decorations and invitation cards deploy.

Here are a few suggestions and tips for the theme wedding.

As for the choice of theme wedding, so you can also browse our website a bit.

You should definitely think about the following questions:

– What common interests do you have?
– Do you have precise ideas?
– Which colors do you like best?
– Do you have ideas for a theme wedding?
– Do you know where you can get inexpensive wedding decoration …?
– What do you do for a living?
– What are your favorite colors?

Now we come to the paper

There is a large selection of print types. You can write the cards yourself or buy prefabricated in our online shop. Your taste is crucial – not to be forgotten the budget. But you can get your invitation cards let a designer create it.

You rely on individuality and on a design, in which you can reflect yourself. You also have another option with online printing. But don’t forget to order your tickets in time, so that mistakes can still be corrected.

In any case, send Save-The-Date-Cards in time, not that another appointment of the guests colliding with your wedding date.

The wedding ceremony

A particularly important topic – the wedding ceremony. There are many ways you can get married. There are no limits to your wishes. The selection is enormous – whether a free wedding or a wedding ceremony e.g. on a sailing ship.

The classic is and remains a combination of church and registry office. Because your marriage is final only through a civil wedding. Which documents you need for the wedding ceremony you should inquire in advance.

The following still has to be clarified, how; It is possible, to take over the organization of the church wedding itself
or is that done by the church? What needs to be considered in a church wedding? How do you best approach the choice of the bridesmaids and what tasks does it actually have? How does the civil wedding actually work?

Suitable location for the wedding

There are many different types of locations. The following should be clarified in advance:

– …. wedding date
– …. budget
– …. number of guests
– …. style of wedding

You should definitely avoid that your wedding guests are too scattered. Some sit on the first floor, the others on the third, so it will be very difficult for everyone, to enjoy the program.

You are spoiled for choice. Do you prefer elegance? With beautiful decoration and fine cloth napkins, then would be an inn not the ideal wedding location for you in a village. A lock would be more suitable for this, where the wedding decoration really comes into its own. You should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages brings a location with it and weigh it accordingly, which wedding location is the right one.


Entertainment shouldn’t be missing from a wedding, of course. But especially when there are little guests. Because only when the little ones are well taken care of can they too the wedding guests really lean back. The best thing is to just ask a bridesmaid to keep an eye on the little ones. Of course you can also hire a nanny. You can increase the mood of the children by simply using colored pencils, color pencils, paper ready.

With shows, appropriate wedding music and fireworks you can score with the wedding guests. You have many options to choose from. Just be creative. Because your dream wedding should be unforgettable and will be remembered for a long time.

Capture the moment forever with photo & video

To remember the big day forever, you should definitely have a wedding photographer and / or book videographers. This makes your big day unforgettable. A professional photographer / videographer has a lot of experience and so you prevent bad photos or wedding video but to guarantee an unforgettable day you should think about what matters to a videographer or photographer.

The best thing to do is to look at the portfolio of the respective provider, you will find out right away whether you really like the style of the respective service provider.

Wedding dinner

Some wedding locations also include the wedding dinner. But finds the wedding in a garden or held in a park or castle, a catering service provider must be booked. Because most of these locations do not have their own kitchen.

The delivery of the wedding dinner takes place on the wedding day. But don’t forget to check off the things you have already done. This is the only way to guarantee successful wedding planning.

Another little tip

Be sure to have a rehearsal dinner so you know whether the food tastes too. What is promised is not always put into practice. So you can also clarify whether the catering service provider also does what it promises.

Start planning your wedding today!

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