Do we need a Wedding Planner?

From bridal shop to wedding music – on our website you will find all the service providers you need to plan your wedding successfully. Furthermore you will find on our website the necessary information and possible ways to plan your wedding.

In addition, you have the opportunity on our website to use an online wedding planner so that on the most beautiful day of your life, nothing will be forgotten. Of course you can also book a professional wedding planner to plan your wedding.

Note: Here you will find a DIY Wedding Planner with video tutorial.

Tasks of the wedding planner – easing the work for the wedding couple

Organizing your own wedding is not exactly easy. Everything has to be planned exactly and for that you need a lot of time and effort and not forgetting skill as far as the organization is concerned. Because it should be the most beautiful and unforgettable day in your life that will never be forgotten. So that everything works well and yes nothing goes wrong, a wedding planner is of great help to you. You do not have to do everything professionally.

You can also book a professional wedding planner with us for the areas that cause you great difficulties. The dream wedding should not be a full time job. Of course, good planning also saves you some money. A wedding planner has good contacts and can tell you exactly what costs you have to expect. In addition, a wedding planner must adhere to the budget available to the bride and groom. A professional wedding planner has many years of experience and a very good contact with various service providers and can therefore also give you an additional discount that you as a private person could not get. With him you are on the safe side and at your dream wedding nothing can go wrong. However, you should first look for two or three wedding planners in your home and compare prices.

In addition, the first impression between wedding planner and bride and groom is particularly important, because the chemistry must be right. The first meeting is carried out by most wedding planners free of charge. However, if you are not satisfied with the chosen Wedding Planner, you can change it at any time. You should not wait too long if you want to hire a wedding planner, because the good ones are then mostly sold out. It’s best to book it ten to twelve months before. A wedding planner can achieve a lot by his professionalism even before the wedding without you being stressed yourself then. He keeps in the background and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

A small excerpt of the time before and after

8-6 months before the wedding:

There are still many tasks in the wedding planner that need to be done during this time. In the first place, of course, is the surname. How should he be and I have to respect something legally? In addition, there is the question of whether a marriage contract should be completed. If so, what exactly needs to be considered? And most recently the guest list – this is usually associated with a lot of work, because you do not want to forget. My best is writing down all the names. In addition, the witnesses can be chosen.

The wedding menu has to be defined as well as the food sequence in the restaurant is to be discussed. The wedding cake is very important. It should already be ordered from a pastry chef. In addition, the choice of music should also be discussed. Should a DJ or a band be booked? Should highlights such as fireworks or shows be installed? Not to forget parodies of relatives and acquaintances, because then it will be a really good party.

3 months before the wedding:

The wedding dress: As you have to expect a long delivery time, you will be reminded by the wedding planner. On the groom must not be forgotten. The suit must be selected. The wedding rings are to be selected and possibly also engraved. A wedding carriage or a vintage car? The wedding vehicle is to be selected by the bride and groom. Last but not least a wedding photographer has to be booked. Here you can look around in our business directory and find a suitable photographer in your area.

1 – 2 months before the wedding:

Just a few notes from wedding planner: It is the hairdresser appointment to agree. For the wedding ceremony and the wedding flowers and the decoration are to be ordered. In addition, the provisional seating arrangements for the guests must be determined.

3 – 4 weeks before the wedding:

It’s almost done. The tasks in the wedding planner become less and less. You can get a guestbook, so that every guest can register. Wedding candles and ring pillows can not be missing at a wedding. At a church wedding, a program should be commissioned, where the exact process is written. The bridal bouquet has to be chosen by the groom. Then it’s finally the last fitting. The wedding rings are still to be picked up by the jeweler. The sitting order and the expiration of the wedding must be discussed, not to mention the delivery of the wedding cakes, etc. Please have all dates confirmed, so nothing goes wrong.

1 – 2 weeks before the wedding:

Checking the accuracy of the papers is one of the last tasks in the wedding planner. You can still fix bugs. The wedding announcement can now be abandoned. Once all the points are done, the suitcase for the honeymoon can be packed slowly. The seating will be in the restaurant. The tip is prepared. The rings as well as all papers are ready to lay. The wedding planner is now empty and you can look forward to the big day. How good the planning was, will show now. Congratulations!

After the wedding

And now the last tasks of a wedding planner: check the bills and pay. if the photos are already done, you can design the wedding albums and make deductions for family and friends. Do not forget about the Note of thanks cards. And when everything is done you can finally focus on love and be prepared for the marriage to be beautiful and harmonious and to last your life!