The perfect plan for your wedding

The date for your wedding is fixed? Then you still have a lot to do!

Here you will find all the information you need for an extensive wedding plan so that nothing goes wrong when planning your wedding.

Tip: With this special notebook for wedding planning, you can combine the help of a wedding planner with the wonderful memory of a wedding album. This planner contains everything you need for perfect wedding planning – and offers enough space for inspiration and your own creativity.

Here you will find the most important topics for successful wedding planning:

  1. Registry office
  2. Church oder Free Wedding
  3. Maid of Honor / Best Man
  4. Budget
  5. Wedding guests
  6. Wedding location
  7. Wedding invitations
  8. Outfits
  9. Wedding decoration
  10. Rings
  11. Wedding Cake
  12. Honeymoon

Note: Here you will find suitable notebooks that are ideal for planning a wedding.

It is ideal if you write a detailed wedding plan 12 months before the wedding and then systematically work through it step by step.

9-12 months before the wedding

Make the following decisions:

  1. Married civil and / or church / Free marriage
  2. Wedding date?
  3. Appointment request: registry office / church
  4. Set size of wedding / Style: Traditional or Special
  5. Create guest list
  6. Set budget
  7. Select wedding location
  8. Wedding planner – yes or no
  9. Church music / wedding band or wedding DJ
  10. Attend wedding fairs

6 – 9 months before the wedding

  1. Create the final guest list
  2. Set Groomsmen + Maid of Honor
  3. Appointment: registrars + church representatives / process of the church ceremony, vow, texts, songs, special requests
  4. Organize missing documents
  5. Book wedding photographer + wedding video photographer
  6. Book a wedding limousine or wedding carriage
  7. Order print shop for wedding invitations or invitation cards online
  8. Visit the bridal shop or order a wedding dress online

6 months to the wedding

  1. Registration at the registry office and / or church
  2. Definitely book the wedding location
  3. Wedding guests arriving from far away, book hotel rooms
  4. Select wedding dress + wedding suit

4 months to the wedding

  1. send wedding invitations
  2. take a dance class if necessary
  3. buying wedding rings
  4. buy flower arrangements
  5. order wedding cake

3 months until wedding

  1. test wedding hairstyle + bride make up
  2. all need to book accommodations
  3. buy wedding favors
  4. Create a schedule of the wedding day / tell everyone who is involved in the wedding organization
  5. Organize wedding shower
  6. Last votes: guest transportation, guest accommodation, childcare, wedding customs,..

A few weeks until the wedding

  1. Contact all service providers again
  2. Define seating order
  3. Buy bridal bouquet
  4. Buy guest book
  5. Break in bridal shoes and groom shoes
  6. Confirm hairdressing appointment
  7. Pick up wedding rings
  8. Check papers for completeness
  9. Hold dress rehearsal
  10. Organize an emergency bag for the wedding day

A few days until the wedding

  1. Prepare wedding speech
  2. Check the papers again
  3. Label the place cards and hand them over to the restaurant

After the wedding

  1. Pay open bills
  2. Look through wedding photos and choose motifs
  3. Create and send thanksgiving cards
  4. Share name changes

Other free helpful wedding planning tools

  1. Wedding Checklist
  2. 12 month Wedding Plan
  3. Daily schedule for the wedding day
  4. Wedding Planning Mini Guide

Perfect wedding day thanks to the perfect wedding plan

If you followed the wedding plan, everything should now go according to plan. Enjoy the wedding day and enjoy the well-planned wedding!

Wedding Planning Notebook

We recommend a suitable notebook for successful wedding planning. These two notebooks are ideal for this. The great thing about these two books is that you are guided step by step through all the necessary stages of wedding planning and can make your own notes in the book in all positions.

Recommended book for wedding planning

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