Choosing Wedding Photographers correctly

The most beautiful day in our life – our wedding. How we like to remember this day and review it. For this reason, many couples hire a professional wedding photographer. Even years after the wedding, you can look at the intimate and beautiful pictures with relatives and friends and think back on the best day. When choosing the right wedding photographer, there are a few things to consider.

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Looking for the right Wedding Photographer

Each photographer works differently in his work. For this reason, the couple should think about how the wedding pictures should be. Modern and extravagant or classic and traditional? There should be no limits to the wishes of the newlyweds. And so that this can also be implemented, the bridal couple should inform themselves about the different styles of the wedding photographer. You can usually find information about this on the website of the respective photographer. However, if you have already made a choice, it is particularly important to talk to the photographer in a personal conversation about what the ideas and wishes are, so as not to experience a nasty surprise later. The photographer can then prepare in advance and fully respond to the couple’s wishes.

During a preliminary meeting it is important to see whether there is a positive climate between the couple and the wedding photographer. After all, he is given all the trust. Technical procedures should be irrelevant. Most wedding photographers are booked up quickly, which means that as soon as the wedding date is set, you should look for a photographer.

If the right wedding photographer is engaged, there are only a few details left to be discussed. The priority is the fee. A professional photographer is not exactly cheap, but at least the memory of the most beautiful day in life remains forever and ever. Image CD and image rights are also very important issues that should be discussed. It should be clarified with the photographer whether image CD is included in the service. After all, every bride and groom would like to have the images on CD.

Choosing the right time

When is the right time for a couple photo of the bride and groom? There are of course numerous options here. Whether before the wedding or afterwards – a professional photo shoot takes about 1 – 1.5 hours. Usually the bride and groom are calmer before the wedding and have more time. For the bride, it is of course also advantageous because the wedding hairstyle and make-up fit perfectly.

The choice lies with the bride and groom: before the wedding ceremony or afterwards? If the bride does not want to be shown in a wedding dress before the wedding, the wedding photos can of course also be taken after the wedding. Ultimately, the bride and groom alone decides which time is the right one.

Group pictures are also gladly taken at weddings. A balcony or a staircase express these pictures particularly well. With a very large number of wedding guests, however, it should be taken into account that possibly not all wedding guests can be hit well.

It should be clarified in advance with the wedding photographer how long he stays. Because in the end you want pictures of the wedding party.

Professional or amateur photographer?

Do I hire a professional photographer or do I prefer my good friend? After all, this decision is not taken from the newlyweds. If you don’t want to spend a lot on the photographer, the decision is made to the good friend. However, this is a great responsibility that is grumbled on the acquaintance. If the result is not as expected, the disappointment is deep. For this reason, it would be a great advantage to have at least the couple photos taken by a professional photographer. You then have wonderful photos of the dream wedding in your memory.

Finally, a very special tip: Simply distribute disposable cameras among the guests. A couple of funny snapshots among the wedding guests naturally complement each other perfectly with the professional shots. And of course a wedding album for the wedding photos taken should not be missing.

Certainly the right wedding photographer

You have already noticed many times that not everyone who owns an expensive camera has the best feeling for where – and especially when – you press the shutter button. To enjoy your wedding to the fullest, it is better to rely on the work of a professional.

But even there the differences are sometimes huge. Because even professionals have very different views of aesthetics and develop their own individual style over time. So if you invest a bit of time and research when commissioning the most beautiful day, you will also find the wedding photographer you like best.

Important selection criteria

Good photographers already show a wide repertoire of recordings of their previous orders on your website. Mostly, of course, also some wedding photos. That gives a first impression. It is even more important to get to know the good man (or the wedding photographer!) Personally in advance, because:

The bride and groom and the photographer must be sympathetic to one another if good pictures are to be created. If for some reason the chemistry isn’t right, it’s better to look around for alternatives.

A serious photographer notifies his customers in good time of any timing problems. Don’t let him dictate the course of your wedding day. The photos are not the most important thing that day. Wedding photographers, who are not only familiar with the subject on the technical and creative side, note the planned processes (arrival time of the bride / groom, official start of the wedding ceremony, etc.) – possible delays are factored in.

As I said, expensive photographic equipment itself is not a quality feature for great results, but actually a matter of course for a professional.

If the photographer promises to burn the pictures on CD on the wedding day: stay away! Because this way your wedding pictures come straight out of the camera. And that has nothing to do with professional results.

Incidentally, a number of photographers also issue gift vouchers. And as a bride and groom, you can enter them very discreetly on your gift wish list.

Good preparation for the photographer of the wedding

A picture is worth a thousand words! Wedding pictures in particular have a very high non-material value, because they hold one of the most beautiful days in the life of the happy bride and groom forever. We have put together a few tips for you to help you prepare for and enjoy the wedding shoot in a relaxed manner.

Actively involve the wedding photographer

It is very important to find a photographer for the wedding whom you can trust and in whose presence you feel comfortable. We have put together tips for you to choose the right photographer and when the wedding is the right time for a couple shoot of the bride and groom.

Take the time for at least one initial interview and explain all your ideas and wishes for the wedding photos to your photographer. To prepare for the meeting, you should have already planned the rough schedule of your big day and determined which moments you would like to have immortalized in professional pictures. Do you want your photographer to accompany you during the “Getting Ready”, ie the preparations on the morning of the wedding, or only appear at the wedding ceremony? How long should he attend the celebrations? Also tell him which locations you want to go to so that he can find out about the lighting conditions and the style of the wedding.
So that your photographer can optimally prepare for your wishes, you should explain your photo wishes to him and, if necessary, bring sample pictures that you particularly like.

In general, the more you involve the photographer in the wedding planning, the more ideas he can contribute and give you an idea of ​​what is possible.

Planning the wedding couple shoot

Also when planning the portrait shoot, the following applies: “What you can get today, do not postpone it until tomorrow”. The more you plan in advance, the more relaxed you can enjoy your wedding and the wedding shoot. The following checklist will help you plan your couple shoot:

– A beautiful location has a decisive influence on the photos. A park, an old castle or a river bank, ideally near the church / registry office or the celebration location, can provide great backdrops for the wedding photos. Also organize an emergency location where you can take photos when it rains.

 – If you schedule the couple shoot after the wedding, you should make sure that the wedding guests have a job. So plan the shoot in the afternoon, for example, while the guests are having coffee and cake. However, it can also be a nice idea to keep the guests busy with a photo shoot. A particularly fun and creative alternative to the classic guest book photos can be found here.

– Prepare in advance the props that you need for your desired motifs (for example, a “just married” umbrella or “thank you” signs)

– Take comfortable shoes with you, with which you can also cross fields or hills – because with a large number of pictures your shoes will not be visible under the dress anyway. In addition, the day of the wedding can be very long and even after some time on the dance floor you will be happy about flat shoes.

– Plan enough time! A couple shoot can easily take an hour. However, pay attention to a generous schedule at the other “stages” of the wedding (hair, make-up, congratulations after the wedding, etc. …).
Name a “ceremony master” for the wedding

For the wedding it is generally advisable to name a person you trust who will take on the most important tasks on your wedding day so that you can enjoy your party to the fullest. Ideally, for example, this is the maid of honor. This person should also support you on the subject of wedding photos by becoming a contact person for the photographer, providing the props for your desired motifs and accompanying you at the couple’s shoot to straighten the dress for the bride or add makeup.

Name a “ceremony master” for the wedding

For the wedding it is generally advisable to name a person you trust who will take on the most important tasks on your wedding day so that you can enjoy your party to the fullest. Ideally, for example, this is the maid of honor. This person should also support you on the subject of wedding photos by becoming a contact person for the photographer, providing the props for your desired motifs and accompanying you at the couple’s shoot to straighten the dress for the bride or add makeup.

We wish you a relaxed wedding shoot and great results!