An atmospheric wedding party

Finding the right setting for a wedding and wedding reception is one of the most important decisions for a successful wedding on the way to “Yes”. Some considerations need to be made before the wedding couple can agree on a place that will meet all their wishes and fit into the planned financial framework.

Civil Ceremony / Church Wedding

Who wants to marry only at the registry office, should note that there is enough space for the invited wedding guests. It is best to first discuss in detail with the registrar how many places are available.

A wedding in the church takes place after the civil marriage. Of course, marrying in the church is not an obligation. If you decide to marry in the church, this can be done the same day after the civil marriage, or any other later day.

Note: Here you will find a detailed daily routine of the entire wedding day with civil and / or ecclesiastical wedding.

What’s next? Now comes the longed for wedding party

After church or registry office, it goes together with your guests to the wedding celebration. Classically by car convoy and with the inevitable horn concert. Of course, the wedding location has long been decorated atmospherically and you will be greeted in due course.

Before the wedding celebration can finally begin, the wedding photos are usually taken. With an experienced professional behind the camera, a beautiful place as a background – in the best case in the best light of day – the famous “Memories for the Eternity”, for whose creation one should at least plan a good hour.

Mood maker at the wedding party – wedding music

What wedding music should be played at the wedding, you can at least set for the registry office itself. At the church wedding, the pieces are often predetermined.

For the wedding party itself, you can of course decide on a disc jockey, an entertainer, a small band, to taste. The main thing, the mix is ​​right and there is something for all guests!

The bridal couple can now relax to a certain extent and enjoy the party to the fullest.

Who should you invite?

Your closest family members and friends must attend the wedding. If you do not get along well with someone, you should think twice about whether this person should really be there on the best day of your life. Above all, you should refrain from doing so if there is a dispute. Of course, your co-workers can also be invited, especially if they are more than just colleagues. Whether it would be a good idea to invite friends with whom you have had no contact for a long time, you have to decide for yourself. Either it will be nice, because you will see each other again and remind you of old times or it will be embarrassing because you do not really know each other anymore.

Note: Here are more tips on who to invite to the wedding.

How should you entertain the guests?

Well, quite simply, with some really great wedding games. The wedding speech is also usually very entertaining, because mostly old experiences are dug up. It ends either in laughter or in tears of joy. Depending on how well the speech is, both can happen.

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