Wedding Music – ideas for the right music

Music is an integral part of any celebration. With the right wedding music ideas, you can give your celebration a very special expression and capture the emotional mood of your celebration. There is a large selection – from solemn to cheerful to mood-setting. You should think carefully about which musical framework you want to have.

Perhaps there are also some recommendations among relatives and friends. Or maybe you still remember a musical accompaniment.

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Church and registry office

Nowadays couples choose a tune that has a certain meaning for them. The choice of music is very personal and the focus is on individuality.

The classic wedding music is played in the church or at the registry office. Usually it is accompanied by a choir. The couple decides whether the music is played by a band or whether a live musician is hired.

Through the live music you experience the sounds up close and you internalize the music more. In the church, the choir goes under the skin through the acoustics and triggers a feeling of touch among those present.

The bride and groom can also book solo singers. Wedding marches by Mendelssohn or Richard Wagner are considered classics.

Wedding Music Ideas – wedding party or rather party?

For the celebration after the wedding there are a lot of options – solo entertainers, band, duos or trios. It is not just the taste that counts, but of course the price must also be right.

The good mood can also be created by disc jockey, with a compiled CD or MP3 player of wedding music. The planning of the celebration is particularly important. Disc jockeys and live musicians have enough experience to respond to the wishes of the wedding party.

Mini or big band

Wedding bands offer different styles of music, ranging from popular wedding music to jazz. Because a rock band can even put the last wedding guest on stage.

No matter what you choose, you have to keep in mind that a band needs a lot of space or a stage. The price should also be right or agreed in advance.

Wedding DJ

Compared to a band, a wedding DJ only needs a mixer, which means that it takes up much less space. Of course, the question of costs plays a major role, because they are much lower here. A great advantage of the wedding DJ is that he has a large selection of music pieces and can therefore cover every genre.

It is particularly important to create a list of wedding music in advance, which should not be missing at the celebration. From real classics to current charts – the wishes of the bride and groom as well as the wedding guests can be fully taken into account. You may also want to prepare a list of songs you don’t want to hear at the party. With this preparation, nothing stands in the way of a successful wedding celebration.

… or wedding music from the “canned food”

The MP3 player – the cheapest option. Of course, it also takes up the least space. However, you have to take into account that the wishes of the bride and groom and the wedding guests cannot be taken into account, because you are your own wedding DJ. And if you want to choose a different song in between, you can no longer reprogram it. Our tip: If the technology spins, make sure you have a replacement device in advance !!!

Do not forget

Before the wedding, you should clarify whether there are additional costs for travel and accommodation or performance fees. It is best to arrange everything in writing so that you do not experience an unpleasant surprise later.