Wedding Menu as a high time for the stomach

As a culinary highlight of a wedding, the compilation of a perfect multi-course wedding menu needs to be well thought out.

The starting shot

Traditionally, the bride and groom give the starting signal for the wedding dinner. It makes sense to give a short speech to the guests and to declare the wedding menu “opened”. Of course, on this occasion you should say thank you for coming. And then – especially as a bride – you can really enjoy the wedding menu again after weeks of figure-conscious nutrition without a calorie counter.

From course to course

Your wedding celebration depends on the success of the wedding menu, after all your guests can expect that they will be adequately supplied with selected good food and drinks. However, remember in advance that you have to bridge the time between the individual courses of the wedding menu. Here it makes sense to provide entertainment or to incorporate smaller program items for your wedding celebration. The wedding menu is an experience for the palate – and entertaining at the same time.

If there is no moody speaker, the groom could e.g. tell how he met the bride. Or the bride presents her bridesmaids to the guests and the groom to his groomsmen. The possibilities for the automatically occurring breaks in the course of a wedding menu are varied and should be used and filled accordingly.

The culmination of the wedding menu

Of course, the wedding dinner does not end with the last course of your wedding menu. The wedding cake is also a culinary highlight in itself. For the newlyweds, there are many wedding customs around the wedding cake. As the bride and groom, cut the wedding cake and eat the first piece together.

The hand position receives special attention in the usual way for guests. Because if the bride has her hand when cutting up, the groom will supposedly be the weaker part of the couple in the future.

As a bride and groom, you might consider in advance how you could skilfully escape this custom and prefer to look around for recipes for cupcakes or other small confectionery delicacies so that your wedding menu only ensures the best mood at the end.

Here you will find useful tips regarding wedding planning.