The best wedding ideas for an individual celebration

A wedding is a unique event that you would like to make as memorable as possible. That is why we are always looking for wedding ideas that can be used to give the celebrations a very personal touch. Whether you want a special decoration or are looking for completely unconventional wedding ideas, with a little creativity you can make a wonderful dream wedding.

Creative ideas for the big day

Designing the wedding party in a completely different way – that’s what many couples want today. Depending on your own preferences, hobbies and dreams, there are also a whole range of unusual ideas with which you can inspire wedding guests and of course also make yourself happy. The many options include the following:

wedding ceremony in a small forest church
– design a wedding party as a crime dinner
– order cartoonist
fireworks at the end of the celebration
theme wedding, such as medieval wedding

Before deciding on such an unconventional wedding idea, however, you should also think about the guests and consider which of the possible activities can give those present the greatest pleasure.

Special wedding decoration for an unforgettable event

The right decoration is always one of the most important wedding ideas. Of course, this should reflect the motto of the wedding. So the first thing to do is to choose your own motto. For example, the motto can consist of a specific color. This color should then be found in the room decoration, on the table and also in the flower arrangements. Of course, you can also use other style elements to create a romantic atmosphere at the wedding, which the guests are enthusiastic about. Some of the most beautiful ideas include romantic lanterns and wedding candles or wedding balloons, confetti or rose petals that are scattered. Anyone who works with such ideas can be sure that the wedding ceremony will be a complete success.

Wedding ideas – unusual and individual

The wedding is a unique experience in the life of the newlyweds, which one would like to celebrate with a proper celebration. Many couples today prefer to break away from traditional customs and bring in new ideas for the wedding that make the celebrations a very personal event. From fancy decorations to a theme wedding in medieval costumes, there are numerous ways to give the wedding a special character.

Cleverly implement unusual ideas for the wedding

If you are looking for the most original wedding ideas for a wedding, you should also consider whether they are really feasible. It may be a good idea to consult a wedding planner who specializes in performing unusual requests. Some feasible yet extraordinary ideas include:

– marriage in a special place such as an amusement park
– ice cream van or mobile coffee shop at the wedding
– fesign a marryoke
– theme wedding

When choosing the idea for the wedding, it is advisable to keep an eye on the budget from the outset. Some unusual ideas are feasible, but they also involve higher costs than others. It is also worth starting planning well in advance so that there is enough time to make special arrangements. With a checklist you can keep an eye on the details.

Great wedding ideas don’t have to be expensive

There are a number of ideas for customizing a wedding that can be wonderfully realized even on a small budget. A fancy midnight snack or a great decoration with colorful balloons contribute to unforgettable moments. Loving details, such as a self-made wedding stamp or a session of funny photos with your best friends, create beautiful memories and make everyone happy. The most important thing is that the wedding couple’s ideas for the wedding help create a day that sets a worthy starting point in married life.

Games and ideas for the newlyweds

A big heart is painted on a bed sheet. The name and the wedding date of the newlyweds are written in the heart. Bride and groom each receive a pair of nail scissors with which they have to laboriously cut out the heart. Is that done? Then the couple has to climb through the hole created, and the most romantic of course is when the groom carries the bride on hands through the heart. As a reminder of their big day and the guests, each wedding guest can sign on the fabric heart.

Saw the log

A sweaty game with symbolism: The bride and groom have to saw through a tree trunk together. Not an easy task for inexperienced couples. The popular wedding game stands for overcoming difficulties together.

Feed the groom

In this game, the groom is taken back to his baby years. Two helpers hold a bed sheet in front of the groom. A baby bodysuit is sewn onto the sheet. There is an opening above the romper through which the groom sticks his head. The arms come through two side openings, but the arms of the bride. It is her job to feed her groom with baby porridge or banana. You can also give her a pacifier that she has to place in the groom’s mouth. Since the bride does not see what she is doing, something may go wrong

Let balloons fly

It is already a tradition: the bride and groom let balloons soar on the day of the wedding. Of course you can invite all guests to let balloons go up to the sky with you: This is romantic and looks very nice!

The marriage suitability test

This is probably one of the most played games on weddings. The newlyweds sit on two chairs with their backs to each other. So that nobody can cheat, the two are blindfolded. Bride and groom each get a rolling pin and a bottle of beer in their hands (of course, other objects can be used that symbolize the man and woman in a funny way, e.g. the shoes they wear on their wedding day). A moderator or the whole wedding party now asks questions. For example: Which of you two is the bigger morning person? Bride and groom respond by holding up the respective symbol. For every matching answer, some small change rings in the honeymoon cash register.

Other examples of questions:

– Who needs longer in the bathroom?
– Who better to drive a car?
– Who is sportier?
– Who takes out the garbage?
– Who is more health conscious?
– Who is on the phone longer?
– Who can cook better?
– Who made the first overture?

Wedding Party Ideas – individual celebration

Each bride and groom has an individual idea of ​​their own dream wedding. However, most couples agree that they want something special for the special day that will make their wedding stand out. So there is a storm of ideas early on when planning the wedding, how best to make the festival the most original. Of course, not all ideas can be realized or be compatible with the available budget. But there are some fancy wedding party ideas that can be carried out excellently.

Great wedding ideas for the wedding that are doable

Many original wedding party ideas can be quickly initiated with a little planning. The theme weddings are particularly popular at the moment. With these, the wedding party has a certain motto, according to which the decoration, but often also the food, entertainment and clothing. Depending on personal taste, the following are conceivable:   

-Super hero
-Middle age
-Fairy tale wedding

Themed weddings are a lot of fun for everyone involved, and guests feel transported to another world for a few hours. Of course, it is best to choose a topic that you have a connection to.

Plan original surprises for guests

Unusual ideas for the wedding celebration also include the most beautiful surprises that you can offer your guests: How about a hot dog stand or an original ice cream van that offers its goods in front of the wedding location? Of course, fireworks at the end of the evening are also an unbeatable idea with which you can create enthusiasm. White doves, which are released after the wedding ceremony, also provide romantic moments at the wedding. Alternatively, you can also choose heart-shaped helium balloons that can be observed for a long time on their way across the sky. Such ideas also create wonderful photo opportunities.

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