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  • January 11, 2020

Wedding Guest: Dress Trends 2020

Most people know which unwritten laws should be observed as a wedding guest regarding your own outfit. The following applies to women: While they usually have a free choice when it comes to cutting their dresses and even pantsuits or jumpsuits are usually allowed, the colors white or cream are taboo, as these are reserved for the bride. Exception: The bride and groom wishes the guests to wear these colors. If a dress code for the wedding is noted on the invitation, you should stick to it. As long as you follow these rules, you can be inspired by current trends when looking for the right dress. This season, elegant dresses with playful details are particularly popular.

Let yourself be inspired

When looking for the right outfit for a wedding party, it is helpful to be inspired by different looks. Current trends are not only found in fashion magazines: the hashtag #weddingguestoutfit has over 24,000 hits on Instagram. But Pinterest also offers a lot of inspiration for wedding guest looks. If you lose track of the many possibilities, you can get support from experts when looking for festive dresses for the wedding: In order for the stylist to get an impression of the customer’s wishes and expectations, she first fills out a small questionnaire on her preferences. If there is a dress code at the wedding, you should state this. Based on the information, the stylist then puts together a suitable wedding outfit that is conveniently sent home – in the end, only the parts that you keep have to be paid for.

Dress Trends 2020

Many women choose a dress when they go to a wedding. The advantages: On the one hand, there is a large selection of different cuts and colors for the models, on the other hand, once you have found a suitable dress, all you need is shoes and accessories – and the outfit is complete. The dresses that are popular this season are ideal for weddings.

Among other things, the trend is valance dresses. Whether with voluminous ruffles on the cleavage or sleeves for a glamorous appearance or rather with subtle ruffles on the hem for a more playful look: these dresses are considered to be flattering figures. Valance dresses come in mini, midi or maxi lengths and look just as excellent in delicate pastel shades as in bright colors or with patterns. If you opt for a single-colored dress with subtle ruffles, you can let off steam with the accessories and wear both colorful high heels and statement earrings.

Pleated dresses are also very trendy this season. With their light fabric, they are particularly suitable for weddings on warm summer days. A long pleated skirt looks particularly elegant because it resonates when walking and dancing. A pleated dress is already the star of the entire outfit, so the accessories should be kept discreet. Instead of high-heeled pumps, kitten heels go perfectly with the outfit. Everything important is stowed away in a mini clutch, and those who opt for a chain use a fine chain instead of a statement chain.

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