Setting a Wedding Gift Registry Online is that possible?

Awarding the wedding gift registry online, is that possible? You surely know the classic wedding table in a department store of your choice, where you can make a pre-selection for your wedding guests. The wedding gifts you would like to have for your wedding. A nice win-win situation for guests (no headache about wedding gifts) and newlyweds (no 3rd toaster, towels or other porcelain, which is guaranteed not to break until the golden wedding).

Here are a few examples of popular wedding gifts:

Unfortunately, the classic wedding table has a small catch in today’s time when many couples have well-traveled wedding guests. How should the guest get to the department store beforehand to participate in the gift table?

Amazon has come up with a nice solution to this misery online with the wedding table.

You can select the gifts from Amazon’s wedding gift catalog provided.

The bottom line is: The online wedding list from Amazon is an excellent solution for modern couples!

If you still have no ideas about how to surprise the wedding couple, we have listed a few product categories for popular wedding gifts here.

The history of the online wedding gift registry

In 1924, the Chicago department store Marshall Field’s first launched the idea of ​​a wedding table. This enabled the newlyweds to present the desired household items to their family and friends directly.

This idea was gradually adopted by many companies. Even today there are many companies that have remained true to this tradition. Tables equipped with goods selected by the newlyweds are displayed for the wedding guests in sales rooms. Wedding tables are mainly found in furniture stores or household goods stores. In the meantime, however, they are also offered by hardware stores.

In the meantime, department store chains are also offering virtual wedding tables. The bridal couple selects the goods and the wedding guests can view the list in every department store of the same chain and buy or reserve the goods there.

There are now many providers on the Internet that offer wedding gift registry completely online. With this variant, the bride and groom can select the desired items from a limited range of one or more shops or also freely describe the desired items. The wedding guests have the opportunity to order the items immediately or reserve them online and have them sent directly to the bride and groom. This type of wedding table is mostly free of charge, since the online wedding tables are often commission-paid for the gifts ordered online.

Only money at the wedding table?

Some online wedding tables specialize purely in monetary gifts. The bride and groom describe the desired items. The wedding guests can then “buy” them by paying the amount into a central account. The total amount is finally transferred to the newlyweds.

A few providers have specialized in honeymoon: The bridal couple can describe the honeymoon in individual sections. The wedding guests can then “book” directly with the travel provider or transfer an amount of money for the part of the honeymoon.

In our day and age, virtual wedding tables are a wonderful relief. Many couples had their own household before and are no longer tied to classic household gifts thanks to a large range. Thanks to the online wedding tables, the wedding list can be viewed conveniently from anywhere in the world and at any time by newlyweds and wedding guests.

Possible decorations for the wedding table

You can let your imagination run wild when decorating. A table runner is a must. You can do so much for decoration through it. A white glittering would be an advantage. Finally, candles or flowers can be placed in the middle of the table. The plates and cutlery should be ready on all tables when the guests enter. The napkins can be placed as normal or you can fold them like a swan. There are different types of folding that you can use. You can usually ask the waiters who serve the wedding location. In this case, you have the most knowledge when it comes to wedding decoration and voting. Match the decorations of the wedding table with the location. So everything looks much nicer. It doesn’t always have to be the same colors, it is only important that everything fits together in the end.


The tablecloth should be white and as simple as possible. The wedding table can then be coordinated with the appropriate decoration. In the meantime you can have your initials worked into the tablecloth. This has a good effect on the guests. You can put gifts for the guests on the guest tables. It doesn’t have to be big, it should only give them a little pleasure.

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