Wedding Days – solemn occasions in the life of the couple

Wedding days are dates that should be important to every couple. On this day one remembers the marriage promise that one made on the day of the wedding and looks back on the time together. Each of these wedding days is given a specific name, which also has a special meaning. In the wedding calendar there is even a certain sequence of gifts that the wife can expect for the anniversary. The wedding days are a beautiful tradition that should be enjoyed as a couple and seized the opportunity to celebrate themselves.

The most important wedding days – overview of the most important wedding years

– 1st: Paper Wedding

– 2nd: Cotton Wedding

– 3rd: Leather Wedding

– 4th: Linen Wedding

– 5th: Wooden Wedding

– 6th: Iron Wedding

– 7th: Wool Wedding

– 8th: Bronze Wedding

– 9th: Pottery Wedding

– 10th: Tin / Aluminium Wedding

– 11th: Steel Wedding

– 12th: Silk Wedding

– 13th: Lace Wedding

– 14th: Iyory wedding

– 15th: Crystal Wedding

– 20th: China Wedding

– 25th: Silver Wedding

– 30th: Pearl Wedding

– 35th: Coral / Jade Wedding

– 40th: Ruby Wedding

– 45th: Sapphire Wedding

– 50th: Golden Wedding

– 60th: Diamond Wedding

– 65th: Blue Sapphire Wedding

– 70th: Platinum Wedding

– 75th: Diamond Wedding

– 80th: Oak Wedding

The first wedding day is often associated with the most emotions for the young couple. This is called the paper wedding. The wedding ceremony doesn’t seem to be long ago and you can already look back on a year of marriage. You have become accustomed to the duties and joys of married life and are ready to celebrate the first year together. In the family and friends circle, however, the big wedding days are arranged festively.

These round anniversaries are often the occasion for a happy family future, in which the couple is celebrated on a beautiful party, just like at the wedding. The wedding anniversary celebration is often held in a restaurant or ballroom, and guests are entertained with great food, music, and entertainment to celebrate the memorable event.

On the long wedding list you can see that various names are used up to the 80th wedding day. The different names very often characterize the stage of a marriage. So you celebrate e.g. after 1 year the Paper Wedding, where it is pointed out how thin the just closed waistband is still. The other extreme is the Oak Wedding.

Crucial for the wedding day

If you have prepared yourself and all the accompanying circumstances for months of the day, you should be in top shape yourself. It is similar to sport: the best training is of little use on the day of the competition if the batteries are not really charged at the crucial moment.

Sounds easy? It is! – organize the wedding day

With your meticulous wedding preparations, you have thought of everything: The schedule is set, family and friends are assigned various tasks so that you can enjoy Day X as much as possible.

Now it is a matter of switching off something at least the last 24 hours beforehand and taking care of yourself

Cool down

Going through everything a thousand times in your head and making yourself nervous doesn’t work anymore. Relieve the tension the day before your wedding, maybe do some sport or go on an infusion in the sauna. In any case: make sure you have rest and go to bed in good time.

It is best to avoid tea, coffee, energy drinks and too much alcohol, then it will also work if you fall asleep!

Fill up with sufficient fuel

Start your wedding day with a good breakfast. Of course, you will hardly overeat yourself. Having nothing in your stomach can take revenge bitterly – and it is also very important that you have ingested enough fluids. Otherwise, the cycle will no longer play along at some point. In general, if you have chosen a well fitting wedding dress or a tight suit.

Take and give!

So if you are in good shape to be able to celebrate your wedding day with energy and joy from morning to night, always think of the others. Of course, you and your loved one are the undisputed focus of the festival, but there will probably be enough guests with you who have contributed properly to your happy day.

So: Thank you when the opportunity arises. Appreciation must be articulated. Not only to family and friends, by the way, but also to those people who ensure that their services run smoothly. Caterer or serving staff, florist or organ player, altar servers or cake supplier – you see in a (not too) small tip above all motivating recognition of their performance.

The groom should of course take the money for it. Because he has – with all emancipation – definitely more pockets than his bride!