The most beautiful wedding customs for the newlyweds

Wedding customs are an old tradition that many young couples still maintain today. But marriage is not the only traditional wedding custom between two lovers. A wedding celebration can go hand in hand with countless other wedding customs. Whether old or modern – these wedding customs embellish every wedding party many times over!

Throwing the bridal bouquet

One of the classic customs that should not be missing at any wedding. In the evening during the celebration, all women line up who are not yet married while the bride blindly throws the bridal bouquet over her shoulder into the crowd. The lucky one who catches the bouquet is said to get married next. After a successful wedding, the charm of catching the bouquet is especially great for women who have not yet been married. This can of course lead to scramble, but it increases the attraction of tradition.

Throw rice

When the wedding couple leaves the church after the wedding, the relatives are already waiting to throw rice at the newlyweds. It has been a tradition with us for a long time, as the meaning comes from the Asian region. Rice symbolizes happiness and fertility for the newlyweds.

For those couples who don’t want to waste food and still want to keep the tradition, there are alternatives. Rice is often replaced by confetti, soap bubbles or balloons.

Through the gate into common life

A gate designed by the wedding guests forms the arch through which the newly married couple steps into a new phase of life. The gate can be designed creatively and made of different materials. An arch of flowers or a wooden heart, it’s best to respond to the couple’s preferences. It is also suitable to respond to the hobbies and interests of the wedding couple and to fasten any things to the gate. But even with little effort, a simply designed bow conveys the nice gesture.

New, old, blue, borrowed

One of the probably best known wedding customs comes from the Victorian period and comes from an English saying: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe.”

The old wedding customs symbolize the adherence to previous traditions, but also to the family roots and is mostly implemented in the form of an antique piece of jewelry. In the meantime, the wedding dress usually takes the place of the new and thus represents the beginning of a new phase in life. The borrowed, often also an accessory from a bride who is already happily married, can be read as a representative of the security of friends and relatives. The role of the blue is often implemented with a blue garter under the wedding dress. The color generally stands for purity and fidelity. The piece of money in the shoe is known in Germany as an independent custom, but also here stands for financial prosperity in later married life.

The kidnapping of the bride

Kidnapping the bride naturally loosens up any wedding celebration. While the kidnapping is extremely amusing for the wedding guests, the groom is put to the test. The bride is usually brought to a nearby inn by the relatives. While the wedding party moves from host to host with the bride, the groom has to pay the bills that have been left until he finds the bride.

There are of course different versions of tradition, but in the end it is always about loosening up the feast by kidnapping and making life difficult for the groom.

Wedding customs like the wedding newspaper

By adhering to many wedding customs, you will experience a wedding day as it is in the book or better said in the newspaper! A modern but still one of the most popular wedding customs is the so-called wedding newspaper. It is not only a beautiful reminder of the wedding celebration, but affects groom and bride equally. Poems, photographs, congratulations and anecdotes are immortalized in the wedding newspaper. With the help of free software programs for creating a wedding newspaper, the document is not only easy to produce, but also in a professional layout.

Carry over the threshold

Many wedding customs revolve around the bride. However, wearing the tried and tested across the threshold challenges the groom. The evening after the wedding, he and his wife enter a new phase of their lives by having the groom carry his lover over the doorstep. This wedding custom is more deeply rooted in the superstition that evil spirits lurk under the door and the bride and groom escape them by this form of entering the house.

Bread and salt

HochzeitsbräucheBread and salt are not only a suitable gift for the inauguration of the apartment, they are also part of the wedding customs. The combination of pastries and salt as a present for the inauguration comes from an international context. Bread has been a staple food for people for centuries, while salt is used as a preservative. Within this symbolic interpretation, this custom is also often transferred to the wedding ceremony and is very popular among wedding customs.

Wedding customs for hen parties

It actually takes place the day before the wedding and is one of the most popular and well-known wedding customs: the wedding shower. It’s not just about driving away evil spirits by smashing old dishes or ceramic objects. Men and women act much more together as a couple, symbolically disposing of their broken pieces hand in hand throughout the evening. From the old sink to the porcelain collection, everything can break apart, except glass. Because these shards bring bad luck.

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