Wedding Checklist

A wedding should be planned well, so that everything runs according to desire and the tagallen involved positively in memory. So that you can prepare your wedding perfectly, the following wedding checklist lists all the important points for you.

6-12 months before the wedding

Set wedding date

If you already have a preferred date, you should book it as soon as possible. If the exact date is not so important to you, it is enough to define the time period (about 4-8 weeks) in which the wedding should take place. Furthermore, you should definitely discuss the appointment with important people (family members, witnesses).

Determine the type of wedding

Determine the type of wedding ceremony.

Create wedding folder

Create a folder in which you keep all documents (invoices, etc.) regarding your wedding.

Defining the frame of the wedding

– Number of guests?

– Should a bachelor or hen party take place?

– Catering or restaurant?

– Should the celebration be inside or outside?

Select a restaurant / restaurant and make an appointment

Choose from two to four restaurants, which would be suitable for the wedding celebration. Please note the following factors:

– Test the quality of food and drinks

– Get a quote

– Is there a suitable free date?

– Is there enough space for all guests?

– Do you want a bar?

– Is there room for dancing?

– Is there room for a buffet?

– Should the restaurant have a place to stay?

– Where can musicians or DJ be positioned?

Then compare the selected restaurants with each other and choose your desired restaurant. You should reserve as soon as possible in the desired restaurant after the appointment with the registry office or the church, as popular locations are often fully booked early.

Set wedding budget

Create a budget and set the wedding budget. Enter the planned costs and keep your budget up-to-date in order not to lose track of your budget. The budget plays an important role in the selection of the restaurant, the number of guests, etc.

Plan the honeymoon

Clarify whether you want to start the honeymoon on the day after the wedding or just some time later. Determine the destination, apply for all the necessary travel documents and get the needed vaccinations on time. In addition, do not forget the application for leave with the employer.

Request for leave

Do not forget to apply for a holiday with the employer for the wedding and the honeymoon in good time. The employer can also grant you special leave based on the wedding, which is governed by the collective agreements of the respective branch.

Create a temporary guest list

Create a preliminary guest list to get a better overview of the guests. You will also need these when creating the invitations, reserving the restaurant etc. It is best to create the guest list electronically so you can edit it at any time.

Select groomsmen and bridal leader

Make a selection of groomsmen and talk to you about the intended date of the wedding. Also appoint the bridal leader, who is usually the father of the bride.

Conversation with the pastor

If you wish a church wedding, make an appointment with the pastor. There are a few things you need to discuss with Him:

– Organization of the music

– Selection of texts and songs

– Design of the song book

– Expiration of the wedding ceremony

Organize music

Organize musician / band / DJ in time and discuss your music wishes.

Photographer and filmmaker organize

Select the photographer / filmmaker you want, book the appointment and discuss the approximate sequence of the recordings and special requests.

Rent a wedding car

If you are looking for a special vehicle for the wedding ceremony or the location, book it now.

Organize caterers

If you do not want to party in a restaurant, you should now pick up offers for a locality, the party service, etc., make your selection and reserve the desired date / book.

Select contact person for the guests

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should look for a contact person for the guests. With these you can talk about your ideas of the celebration and make clear what you do not want. Your guests can then contact the contact person regarding your wedding table, games or surprises.

Organize more entertainment

If, in addition to the music, you have other entertainment such as fireworks, a magician or similar. Wish you should now get offers for it.

Order invitation cards

Get quotes from different printers for their invitation cards (possibly also place cards, menu cards, thank-you cards). It is also possible to order invitation cards online. Do this already now, so that everything is printed on time.

Visit wedding dance class

If you plan to dance at your wedding, you may want to attend a dance class to master or refresh the dance steps.

Selection of floral decoration and decoration

Here you should first decide on a color combination, which then flower decoration and decoration are matched. The choice of flowers often depends on seasonal availability. Remember a bridal bouquet (throwing bouquet), decoration at the registry office / in the church, decoration of the locality / restaurant, pins for wedding guests and flowers for the bride’s vehicle.

Choice of wedding cake and confectionery

Try different confectioners and products and then decide on your favorite. Although the confectionery and the wedding cake can be produced within 6-8 weeks, you should already start testing right now to avoid time-wasting.

Selection of bridesmaids and bridal children

If you choose bridesmaids, choose two or four close friends of the bride. Discuss the outfit of the bridesmaids, ideally they all wear the same during the church wedding.

Create a gift list / create a wedding table

Help your guests make a difference by creating a gift list or creating a wedding table.

Invitation of the guests

Visit your guests personally and hand over the invitation or send it by mail. If necessary, add information (gift list, map, taxi, accommodation etc.)

Selection of wedding rings

There is a wide selection of wedding rings. Choose your favorite, which also fits into your wedding budget and order the rings in their sizes and possibly with a selected engraving.

Book the honeymoon

After you have applied for and approved the holiday in your company, you can now book the selected honeymoon.

Set the bachelorette party / bachelor party

The bride or groom usually make their bachelorette/bachelor party with their maids of honor/groomsmen. These then do the invitation of the guests and organization of the evening.

3 – 4 months before the wedding

Papers for registry office / church

Obtain all necessary papers for the wedding and place them in your wedding folder.

Selection of the wedding dress

Since wedding dresses are usually of a standard size and often have to be adjusted by a seamstress or have to be ordered first, you should now choose the right wedding dress.

Clothes of the groom

The clothes of the groom should already select you now, as here also changes by a seamstress may be required.

1 – 2 months before the wedding

Enter promises / cancellations of guests

Update the guest list and ask for missing replies. You may already have received gifts because of cancellations, so please include them in a list to be able to write thank you cards to those people as well.

Order the wedding cake

If you have not yet ordered the wedding cake, you should do it now at the confectioner of your choice.

Printing the program booklets / song tickets

If the ceremony takes place in church, you should already have the program booklets / song tickets printed.

Sample wedding hairstyle

So that on the wedding day the hairstyle and the make-up of the bride is perfect, this should at least once before make the desired wedding hairstyle and make-up.

Confirmation of the dates

Confirm all agreements you have made with the respective companies / persons.

Find a notary

If a marriage contract is desired, you should now clarify this with a notary.

Organize accommodation of guests

In the meantime, you should have received a confirmation or cancellation from all guests. Organize accommodation for guests wishing to stay overnight in a guesthouse or hotel in the vicinity.

Defining a program and time schedule

Schedule a schedule based on appointments to make the wedding day as orderly as possible. Ideally, you designate a person (Master of Ceremony) who will follow your plan for the orderly conduct of the wedding and be available as a point of contact for any issues.

Visit the solarium

If you want a good color on your wedding day, you should already start with a solarium visit.

Obtaining the ring pillow

Get small gifts for the flower children

Remembrance of the witnesses to the required documents

Since documents are also required by the witnesses at the expiration of the wedding ceremony, remind them again.

2 – 4 weeks before the wedding

Order bridal bouquet / flower arrangement / decoration

If you have not ordered the bridal bouquet, the flower arrangements and the decorations, you should do so now.

Pick up the wedding rings

Get the ordered wedding rings.

Try on wedding clothes

The wedding suit and the wedding dress should now be tried on again, if necessary, to make some changes.

Selection of the guest book

To have a nice souvenir of your wedding, you should get a guest book.

Conversation with the restaurant

Consult with the restaurant about the table arrangement and the desired menu, as well as the current status of the guest list. At the same time, please also submit the printed matter for the restaurant and the guestbook.

Organization of the guest transport

If necessary, clarify the transport of guests with a taxi company

1 – 2 weeks before the wedding

Preparation of the honeymoon

If you travel on the day of the wedding, you should now start organizing everything for the trip, as you will not have much time left in the last few days before the wedding.

Confirm dates

Once again, confirm all agreed appointments so that you do not experience a nasty surprise.

Arrange hairdressing / cosmetic appointment

Arrange the exact hairdressing and cosmetic appointment and discuss all the details again.

Running in of the wedding shoes

It’s best to put the wedding shoes on now to wear them as long as possible on the wedding day.

1 day before the wedding

Pack your bags for the honeymoon, and prepare your clothes, rings and papers

Pack your handbag

Pack the bride’s handbag and think of spare tights, deodorant, patches, painkillers etc.

Prepare cash

Make money for tips, the restaurant / caterer, the musicians etc. ready.

After the wedding

Write and send thank-you cards and pay and check all outstanding bills.

Selection of wedding photos from the photographer & clean the wedding wardrobe

Perform the name change

If you have changed your surname, you should do the following:

– change the letter plate / bell sign

– present the marriage certificate to the employer

– change phone book entry

– inform bank, insurance,..

– inform health insurance, tax office, gasworks and power company

– apply for a passport / identity card / driver’s license

– change vehicle documents

– change the wage tax card

– if necessary, change all other contracts

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