Wedding Cakes – A wide range of tastes and shapes

Whether shape, decoration or taste – wedding cakes are becoming more and more unusual. Whether made by the confectioner or homemade – she is a real eye-catcher at every wedding. The wedding cake can be individually tailored to the newlyweds.

A favorite – the classic stick shape

Whether 3.5 or 15 storeys – the classic stick shape is still a favorite at most weddings. The confectioner makes almost everything possible. Whether taste, shape or cream – everyone will find their taste here. Because every floor has a different filling. And another advantage: the bride and groom do not have to choose the taste of the wedding cake.

Decorations for wedding cakes

The decoration of the wedding cake is entirely up to the bride and groom. It has nothing to do with the couple’s style and taste, but should match the table decorations. For this reason, it would be a great advantage to inform the confectioner about the decoration. Because if the table decoration is pink, a bright red wedding cake would not be suitable. Everything should harmonize together. Motifs such as butterflies, sugar roses, letters, figures are particularly popular.

Individuality of the cake is required

Every wedding cake tells a story: about the couple, about getting to know each other, about the future. The wedding cake is becoming more and more creative. Fondant and figures are often used. If the bride and groom met in Italy, the cake can take the form of a gondola. He likes to play soccer for his life, so the cake motif could be soccer. There are no limits for your creativity.

Cake instead of cake

For bridal couples on a budget, a cake buffet is a great alternative to the wedding cake. You can arrange family members or friends for baking. However, don’t forget to taste it. A cake in the shape of a heart from the confectioner is often cheaper than a wedding cake and tastes just as good.

Cake figures as icing on the cake

Cake figures – whether made of sugar or ceramics – are a must for many bridal couples. They also underline the motto of the wedding. A memento for eternity – whether funny, simple or romantic – a real eye-catcher on the wedding cake. You can find a large selection of cake figures in our shop, which you can order directly.

How much money to spend on a wedding cake?

The bride and groom should agree in advance how much money you want to spend on a wedding cake. The more complex and high the wedding cake is, the more expensive it is. A saving version would be a two-tier cake with classic decoration, which is available from $ 80, oo. For a seven-tier wedding cake, you have to expect $ 350.00. You have no upper limits.

Who decides? Bride or groom?

Particularly important: Before the wedding cake is ordered from the confectioner, the bride and groom should agree on taste, motto, color and size, otherwise the first marital noise is already inevitable. Particularly important for men: The sentence “I don’t care what the wedding cake looks like” should be taken from the vocabulary and replaced with an “I’ll give you your free hand” instead. Experience shows that women generally assert themselves when it comes to their desires.

Useful information for selection

A particularly important part of the wedding celebration is the wedding cake. Here we have put together helpful tips for everything related to the wedding cake.

Classic wedding cake? Or cupcakes?

A classic cake is a multi-tier wedding cake. But if you want the more unusual variant, then there are cakes, tarts, tarts and tarts in different colors and shapes. You can’t go wrong with a five-tier cake. Whether in white or with colorful flower decorations – you will definitely like it. You can get something a lot more unusual with tartlets or with the cupcake variant: Instead of a large cake, you get many small, colorful works of art. They can be filled in different ways – there are simply no limits to your taste.

Sugar factory or highlight of self-made brand?

A majority of the newlyweds order the wedding cake from the confectioner, despite the higher price. The pastry shops have their service: a free trial meal, a little advice and an individual cake decoration – less stress, because you don’t have to bake yourself. But also: Many believe in the custom that the bride should never bake herself! Because that brings bad luck! Wedding baking is a symbol of hard work in marriage.

How much cake and cake do I need for the wedding?

Usually 2 pieces per person are sufficient. Because after the wedding dinner there is not much space left in the stomach for cakes and cakes.

Cost of a cake

You have to expect an average of about $ 2.80 each. The decoration is then added. But you can also do without an elaborate decoration.

When should the wedding cake be ordered?

If your cake is baked by a confectioner, it is best to have your appointment noted a few months before the wedding. But especially if you get married in spring.

When should the wedding cake be served?

As a rule, the wedding cake is served at the end, i.e. after the midnight snack. But there is a risk that your stomach is already full. Would it be better to forego the dessert and serve a cake instead.

But if you plan to have an afternoon coffee, the wedding cake opens the cake buffet. You could also have the cake served at the champagne reception and open the party.

You could also have the cake set up in the dining room at the beginning of the celebration. So every guest can admire the delicacies.

Child-friendly cakes and sweets

So that children and allergy sufferers can fully enjoy the sweets, a cake without alcohol and without nuts should also be offered. A candy buffet or candy bar can also be set up, where everyone can help themselves.

Decoration of the cake

The top of the cake is often decorated with a cake figure. There are two options: You can have the confectioner make an individual cake figure out of sugar or marzipan, or you can buy one. Nowadays there are many different cake figures: funny brides with cell phones, the sporty groom with soccer or golf equipment or noble, large initials of the bride and groom in silver or gold. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. The pair of cakes bought lasts forever. Marzipan or sugar figures are unique, but they also pass away.

Flowers are also often used to decorate the wedding cake. You can order marzipan figures from the confectioner. In the case of real flower arrangements, you should consult the florist and the confectioner beforehand whether this is also an option for your wedding cake. The flowers are often not colourfast and this can cause your wedding cake to change color.