An overview of the Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries were already celebrated in the early Middle Ages – usually also with a service. Of course, every anniversary of a wedding is cause for joy and gratitude. While most wedding days are usually celebrated in pairs, there are a lot of wedding anniversaries that are worth celebrating with family and friends.

What could be nicer than celebrating love? Not only with a wedding, but also with the anniversary of the same! But what are the names of the individual anniversaries that stand for a certain number of years of marriage? The wedding anniversaries have many different names and customs, depending on the local tradition.

An overview of the Wedding Anniversaries / General information:

– 1st: Paper Wedding

– 2nd: Cotton Wedding

– 3rd: Leather Wedding

– 4th: Linen Wedding

– 5th: Wooden Wedding

– 6th: Iron Wedding

– 7th: Wool Wedding

– 8th: Bronze Wedding

– 9th: Pottery Wedding

– 10th: Tin / Aluminium Wedding

– 11th: Steel Wedding

– 12th: Silk Wedding

– 13th: Lace Wedding

– 14th: Iyory wedding

– 15th: Crystal Wedding

– 20th: China Wedding

– 25th: Silver Wedding

– 30th: Pearl Wedding

– 35th: Coral / Jade Wedding

– 40th: Ruby Wedding

– 45th: Sapphire Wedding

– 50th: Golden Wedding

– 60th: Diamond Wedding

– 65th: Blue Sapphire Wedding

– 70th: Platinum Wedding

– 75th: Diamond Wedding

– 80th: Oak Wedding

Should You Celebrate All Weddings?

No matter which wedding day it is, you should celebrate it properly. There are no rules as to what the respective wedding anniversary is, just do what makes you happy and give yourself this day for free.

For special wedding anniversaries such as the silver wedding or the golden wedding is a good time to spend this day with the closest family. At such a celebration, it is useful e.g. also to renew the wedding vows.

Such a wedding day also offers the opportunity to organize a larger party, where you can invite many old acquaintances to celebrate this day properly.

How can I celebrate my wedding anniversary?

If you have survived the first year after the wedding, you want to celebrate it properly. Many then ask themselves how big the celebration should be. Whether you just invite the closest family to celebrate or whether you make a party with over 100 people. But for the first wedding anniversary, it would be best to spend the time as a couple without much excitement. After all, you have all the stress with the wedding behind you, you don’t need the whole thing again a year later for wedding anniversaries.

Location for wedding anniversaries

Celebrating at home can be just as much an option as a short vacation to the beach. At home, you could watch popcorn and sweets in the film you watched first. You then remember the first few weeks you were together. It’s like a glimpse into the past. But if you prefer to do something outside the normal environment, you can just fly to the beach and celebrate the last year together with cocktails and champagne over the weekend.


The partner can be carried out very simply and simply in a nice, small restaurant. You simply spend the evening with a delicious meal, such as spaghetti or sushi, and a good conversation about the past year. How you felt and what the best moments were with each other can be good questions to ask each other. After eating you can treat yourself to a dessert. Maybe then you will also talk about the future. What it would be like with babies can be addressed calmly, because in a relationship it is very important to communicate with each other and to be able to really honestly say what is on your soul.