Tips for a special wedding day

The following tips have often been very helpful. A wedding shouldn’t be badly remembered because of small things, so you should definitely follow these tips.

Sewing kit

Be sure to take some sewing kit with you to sew buttons and buttons. to be able to sew on again in an emergency.

Spare tights

„amazon“Running stitches are annoying very quickly, so take at least one spare pair of tights with you.

Make up

The Make up often has to be refreshed again, especially after the wedding ceremony.


Always have handkerchiefs within reach, it may well be that you or your guests need them.

Painkillers and emergency drops

Be sure to take emergency drops with you. Painkillers such as aspirin or Parkemed should not be missing, so that things like headaches or the like do not spoil the big day.

Film / memory card and batteries / accumulator

For security, take another memory card / film and spare batteries / spare battery for the camera so that you can capture every moment of your wedding and not fail at such annoying things.

Children’s games

So that the parents and their children can also enjoy the wedding, you should prepare games or the like for the children. This way, the children have fun and the parents can chat in peace.

Wedding rings

Do not forget the wedding rings, put them in a place where you can not miss them.

Gift table

Organize someone to take and store the gifts for you. Mostly, the wedding guests bring the gifts to the registry office or in front of the church and you won’t have much time to receive them. It is also advisable to mark by whom which gift is.

Small change

It is important to have small change with you, as it is customary in some areas for the groom to raise the bride or for the children to raise money.

Note and pen

Take something with you to write, because it can always happen that you have to write something down.

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