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  • December 16, 2018

The secrets of the perfect winter wedding

Snowy landscapes, an open fire in the fireplace and a sea of ​​sparkling candles create a romantic background that can make a winter wedding a complete success. Those who celebrate a winter wedding enjoy numerous advantages, as only a few couples choose dates in this season. So the rush to the festival locations is much less and you can often get the most coveted ballrooms at a reasonable price. The prices for florists, pastry shops and wedding photographers are usually lower, so that you can get by on a smaller budget. Of course there is no guarantee for the weather, but there is hope that nature will be wrapped in a white dress made of snow and thus give the wedding a unique shine, which can also be wonderfully captured in the photos. For these reasons, you should make a decision to get married in winter and to take advantage of the many possibilities that the season offers.

When choosing the date, however, you should avoid the days around Christmas. There are many celebrations and family celebrations on these days, so the wedding gets lost in the general mood of celebration. January, on the other hand, is an excellent time to start the new year with a new phase of life.

Choose location wisely

When choosing the perfect location, there are several points to consider. If the winter landscape should be a plus at the wedding, it is advisable to choose a location in a rural setting. In the city, the snow quickly turns into gray mud, while in the country, sparkling white forms a wonderful backdrop for the wedding. However, the transport for the guests must also be considered. The road conditions are often bad in winter, so the journey should be kept as short as possible. Maybe there is a location in a park, or you can pick up the guests for a country outing with a bus.

Of course, the wedding can also be arranged in the city. A current loft location can be exactly the right place for a modern winter fairy tale and can be perfectly decorated for the winter wedding. Therefore, you should decide in good time whether you want romance in nature or can imagine yourself as an ice princess in an urban setting. The choice of location influences the further design of the wedding, so you should decide as early as possible.

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Decoration for the winter wedding

If you choose a winter wedding in the country, a rustic style is wonderfully suitable. When decorating, you can work with wooden elements that are designed with fir green and pine cones. Roses and Christmas roses offer a fantastic color addition. Thus, the colors green and dark red often arise naturally as the predominant colors at the wedding. Gold is another color element that can be used excellently for a romantic winter wedding. Winter festivals are lush and are characterized by colors that are wonderfully reflected in the light of candles or an open fire. That is why metallic colors are always a good choice and can also be wonderfully combined with full, warm colors.

But a winter fairy tale can also be conjured up in the city. The bride as an ice princess surrounds herself with glamor and glitter. Cool colors such as blue, gray and silver are used for decoration. Many glitter elements create the illusion of diamonds that belong to a true princess. Sculptures made of ice are another decoration idea with which you can transform the holiday location into an ice palace. For the table decoration, small branches can be sprayed with silver and arranged with small artificial ice crystals. Icicles and glittering rain are also a great idea for wall decoration. The flowers that can best be incorporated into such a decoration are white roses or blue flowers that radiate cool elegance. You can also dye white flowers blue by leaving them in water with a little blue color overnight.

The winter look for the bride

Whether it is snowing or not, in winter you can be sure that the temperatures will be low. Therefore, you should also choose cleverly for the outfit for the bride to avoid that the bride freezes on your special day. For a rustic, rustic wedding, it is possible to choose a two-piece wedding dress consisting of a skirt and bridal sweater. This goes with pretty bridal boots, so that the bride is warmly packaged. If you want to make the look glamorous, you can also opt for a decollete wedding dress. Rhinestones are wonderfully fitting and sensational in winter. Together with the dress you should buy a bolero or a jacket that can be worn over it and warms. White faux fur can be a wonderful option. But a bridal scarf made of luxurious cashmere, which can be wrapped around the shoulders, is a way to defy the cold. Under the dress you can wear warm woolen tights or even leggings that are hidden from view under a long, puffy skirt. Delicate bridal gloves made of lace with rhinestones have a seductive effect and also help to protect the hands from the cold. Another idea is a faux fur muff that can match the jacket and warms better than the lace gloves.

What do guests like about the winter wedding?

Classic winter menus are usually preferred at a wedding this season. This can include game dishes as well as duck and whole. Winter vegetables and potato dishes are also served. Warm delicacies such as baked apples taste good for dessert. The start of the feast can form a hearty pumpkin soup and warm meat pies are also in demand as an intermediate course. There are also wonderful options for the cake buffet. Christmas stollen and richly decorated cookies look excellent around the magnificent wedding cake and exude a wonderful aroma of cinnamon and vanilla. For the wedding cake you can choose a Christmas decoration in red and green, or decorate a cream-colored cake with nuts, almonds and pine cones.

The winter wedding can be really fairytale-like and can become a festival that will remain in everyone’s memory for a long time. Hardly any season offers as much romance as winter, so the wedding can be a true feast of love.

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