Tasks at the wedding properly distributed

The success of a wedding party always involves a whole series of people. As a rule, family members and good joy are also willing to help actively. That’s why you should consider in time who should do which task.

This makes it easier to work at the party while ensuring that important people really feel part of the event. During the preparations and during the party there is exactly the right task for everyone.

This is how the parents can help

The parents are the best ally of the young couple, as they wish, just like the bride and groom, a successful party. That is why it is best to discuss the planning of the festival with your parents right from the start and to let them know which things you need help with.

In addition to financial support, parents can take on the following tasks, for example:


– Support in choosing the location
– Help with setting up the guest list
– Choosing the wedding dress together
– Welcome of the guests in the church
– Coordination of service providers at the festival


– Pick up guests
– Lead the bride to the church and the altar
– Speech during the celebration

Tasks for siblings and other family members

Also siblings and other family members are happy to help with the preparations for the festival and would like to take on some special tasks.

The following duties are particularly well suited for you:

– Assistance in pre-wedding and DIY projects
– Help with bachelor farewell
– Help with the wedding eve
– Prepare surprises for the feast
– Take care of the guests

The siblings know the bride and groom best and can therefore provide small contributions to the celebration, which are entertaining and also make the bridal couple happy. They are also an excellent contact person for relatives at the ceremony.

These tasks are performed by the groomsmen

The groomsmen are important persons at the wedding, who also take over certain tasks and thus relieve the bridal couple. You are the best friend. Respectively, the best friend of groom and bride and act therefore already during the months of preparations as the closest confidant who advise and also give courage when the work seems almost overwhelming.

Their specific tasks include:

– Assistance in the choice of bridal gown and wedding suit
– Organizing bachelor and bachelor party
– Best man organizes bridal car
– Serving guests and organizing wedding games
– Bride and groom help with any problems

Duties of the bridesmaids

Traditionally, the bride chooses among her friends bridesmaids who also stand by the party. Originally, it was their job to surround the bride at the feast in her beautiful dresses, so that evil spirits were confused and could not harm the bride. Today, the bridesmaids are naturally more practical.

You can help with a variety of tasks, including the following:

– Decoration of church and hall
– Music selection
– Errands and messenger services
– Moral support for the bride

If all tasks for the wedding and the preparations are distributed in such a way that all participants can use their talents in the best way, nothing stands in the way of the perfect success of the celebration.