Sweet Tables – A new trend at every wedding

At the wedding party sweet tables are often served as a supplement or as a replacement for a cake buffet. The Sweet Table is a sweet buffet with chocolate, sweets, cupcakes, lollies and baked goods. Sweet Table is matched to the motto or the color of the wedding. If the wedding color e.g. B. is pink, color-coordinated treats are selected. A vintage style buffet can also be put together beautifully. In winter, the sweet table could best be made ice crystal – in white and gray.

How do I create a sweet table for my wedding?

The color harmony and the variety of sweets are particularly important. There are no limits to your imagination. For the compilation you need a good knack for colors, shapes and the right containers for all the goodies. The table for the buffet should also be chosen generously, so that all delicacies come into their own. Then give your sweet table the finishing touch with the right accessories. Get support from creative friends and relatives or from professional service providers.

What needs to be considered?

If you want to put together the sweet table for your wedding party yourself, then you should have a feel for shapes and colors and, above all, have enough time to get everything. Look out for color-matching sweets in good time – for example, colorful wine gums, color-coordinated chewing sweets, nicely packaged chocolate hearts. Classic wedding almonds and colorful chocolate dragees in colorful bags are very suitable. With accessories such as colorful ribbons, small party picks or colored straws, you can set accents. You can also order cupcakes, cookies or beautiful cakes from the confectioner. Personalized treats such as Cookies are particularly suitable as party favors.

Cake stands are especially nice to drape your treats and attract wedding guests. This rounds off your buffet in various colors and shapes