The most beautiful season for the wedding

If you have decided to get married, the next question is involuntarily what season the wedding should take place in. Of course, your own favorite season is always the best time for the wedding. However, if this is not possible, you can take comfort in the fact that every season has its advantages. With a few tricks, the perfect wedding is celebrated every month.ert.

Wedding in the sea of ​​flowers of spring

Spring is a wonderful season for the wedding. The many budding flowers symbolize a new beginning and stimulate the most beautiful wedding motifs. It is worthwhile now to choose a wedding location in nature where you can optimally enjoy the blossoms. However, the celebration should take place in a restaurant. In spring it is usually too cold to celebrate an outdoor wedding. Poppies or tulips, which are particularly cheap at this time of year, are suitable as decoration.

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Dance nights at the summer wedding

For many, the warm summer is the most beautiful season for a wedding. The garden can be transformed into a beautiful location that, with its lavish splendor, requires little decoration. In the evening, torches and lanterns provide excellent elements to create a mood. The starry sky provides a natural backdrop for the evening dance and ensures dreamy romance. As beautiful as the summer in the garden can be, you always have to expect that it could rain. If the wedding feast and the champagne reception are also planned in the garden, then you must have a plan B, which is carried out when it rains on the wedding day. Drinks are particularly important at summer weddings, especially those that do not contain alcohol. In warm temperatures, guests need something to drink from time to time and that should be ensured. When it comes to the wedding menu, you should put emphasis on light dishes that are adapted to the summer temperatures. An ice cream van at the wedding will delight young and old. Summer is a very popular season for weddings, but also for other celebrations. That is why the best locations are fully booked well in advance. It is worth making reservations well in advance. Guests should also be informed about the date in good time so that they can reserve the day for the wedding and take this into account when planning their vacation.

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The golden autumn as a wedding backdrop

The colorful leaves in autumn and the often unique lighting conditions ensure the most beautiful wedding photos. Autumnal motifs are also suitable for decorating the location. Branches with colorful leaves, pumpkins, rose hips and chestnuts are among the decorative items that nature provides. It is nice to choose a location with a garden so that you can enjoy the autumn sunshine outdoors. A large, old tree in a colorful leaf dress can provide a wonderful backdrop for the photos. But the celebration is better held indoors, as rain and cool days become more frequent the further autumn progresses. If you plan the wedding in September, there is often good weather and you can also spend some time outside. However, the locations are also booked up faster.

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Winter wedding – a fairy tale of ice and snow

Few couples choose winter as their wedding season. However, this also creates an advantage. Locations and suppliers are not very busy and cheaper offers can be found. However, the background of a white snow landscape can be very romantic. You can choose a location with an open fireplace, in which a wood fire delights with the play of flames and spreads original cosiness. Fir branches, oranges and nuts are wonderful for decoration and guests can be greeted with a warming mulled wine upon arrival. Bride and groom can reach the location in a snow-drawn carriage and in this way enter a fairytale. In winter there are hardly any problems to book your preferred location. Nevertheless, the date should be set early and the guests should be invited. Many families go on a winter vacation and at Christmas time many days are already planned for other activities. If you announce the wedding date early, guests can follow it.

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If you plan accordingly, the advantages of every season can be exploited and incorporated into the wedding, so that a special charm is created. It is always a good idea to use seasonal flowers because they are cheaper than flown flowers.

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