Styling Step by Step

The styling is best done one after the other by a professional. First it is the hair and therefore the hairstyle. For people, healthy and long hair is an absolute ideal of beauty, which is why many brides take extensions for their wedding hairstyle that make their hair look fuller and fuller. After that, the hair is mostly twisted, tucked and teased. In this way, your very special dream hairstyle is created. After the hair has been styled, pearls, scarves or other jewelry to match the dress are used to accent the hair.

The right make-up

Next up is the bride’s makeup. Since this day should be the most beautiful of your life, your individual style is matched to your wedding outfit, underlined by lipstick, eyeshadow and other small make-up details that make them look simply stunning. The stylist who embellishes her for your big day is very careful: The snow-white dress could make you look too heavily made up and lose its naturalness.

Outfit and accessories

The next item on your beauty program is your outfit. After you have freshened up again, you can slip into your lingerie and put on your wedding dress and shoes.

Accessories such as jewelry, gloves, stoles, veils and / or hats make the picture of a dreamlike bride perfect. Now you can enjoy the most beautiful and moving day of your life with a styling that socks all wedding guests.

For a styling by a professional depending on the type of makeup, the hairstyle, you need one and a half to two and a half hours. Of course it also depends on how strong the nervousness of the bride is. With some women, the tears of joy come before your wedding and therefore you should allow some time for this.

A tip for excited brides: A shoulder-neck massage from the stylist can work wonders against twitching or cramped muscles.