Wedding Wreaths – an endearing wedding custom

The wreath for weddings is an old wedding custom that is still loved today. It is not just the traditional couples who are given such attention by friends and neighbors. Even modern couples appreciate such traditions and like to indulge in such small ceremonies before the wedding, which contributes to the solemn character of the wedding preparations and also allows the neighbors to take part in the exciting days before the wedding.

Wedding Wreaths – wreath weaving – a surprise for the newlyweds

To braid the wedding wreath, the neighbors of the bridal couple usually come together. The men weave a wreath of twigs, while the women have the task of making flowers and bows from white paper. The following are suitable as material for the wreath:

– fir branches
– branches from boxwood
– vine growing plants that simplify wreath tying

Once the wreath has been tied, the men hang their work on the bride’s door. The women now decorate the wreath with the paper flowers and bows. In many areas, it is common to give the bride and groom an empty bottle with a dried branch during work. In this way a drink is demanded for the workers. This leads to a happy drink, where you can celebrate the couple a few days before the wedding.

Sense of the wedding wreath

Wreath tying is a custom that, like many others, serves to wish the wedding couple happiness. The round shape of the wreath symbolizes the infinity that one wishes for this connection, while the fresh green from nature stands for fertility. In addition, the wreath on the front door also has an informative value. The wreath signals to all passers-by that a wedding will soon be celebrated in this house.

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