Wooden Wedding – find suitable gifts

The Wooden Wedding is celebrated on the fifth wedding anniversary in most areas. It is the young couple’s first round wedding anniversary, which is why it is often celebrated. The name is explained by the hardness of the wood that has consolidated over the years, just like marriage. However, the spouses must be aware that wood can also be easily destroyed and that marriage must be handled with care. If you want to congratulate on the wooden wedding day, all gifts made of wood are popular. For example:

– wooden spoons
– decorative figures carved from wood
– fruit bowls
– an ornamental tree for the garden

With such gifts you can make a joy and at the same time pay tribute to the Wooden Wedding Day.

Wooden Wedding Gift – For husband and wife

Of course, the spouses also give each other gifts on their wedding day. For women, a piece of jewelry is traditionally a coveted gift on every wedding day. On the occasion of the wooden wedding day, it can be packed in a wooden box. For the husband, a special tool for processing wood may be chosen, or a fine whiskey in a wooden box.

Funny gifts for the wooden wedding day

There are various customs that are cultivated on the wooden wedding day, in which the newlyweds are also given a surprise with unpleasant gifts. According to the saying, where chips are shaved, chips also fall and therefore wood chips are often used for a little prank. The chips are distributed to the house and garden, unnoticed by the couple. It is a little more considerate to hang a decorated wooden spoon on the front door or the garden gate. A nicely decorated wooden wreath is also a popular symbol that can be used to decorate the house of the holiday couple. So it can be seen from afar that the wooden wedding is celebrated in the house.

Wedding Accessories: selection

Choosing the right accessories is not easy. Nowadays there is an extensive selection and it is difficult to make a decision. You have to pay attention to a lot of things. It always depends on the taste of the bride and groom which accessories are best suited for them. Accessories enclose the entire look. You should first get an overview of how you would like it to be and which accessories you would like to use. Because every person has a different taste. Many would like to wear gloves on their wedding day and many do not. Some brides love bridal umbrellas, but many people think that it doesn’t work because it may be old-fashioned. It all depends on the taste.

Where can I find the most beautiful wedding accessories for the wooden wedding?

Take your time with the accessories. If you cannot make up your mind, get extensive tips from the Internet or ask family and friends, because they are the ones you know best and can best assess your taste. Accessories are important components of the wedding that should not be missing. Examine all websites thoroughly and write down the website when you have found something.

Don’t forget about the packaging

Often, half of the work is done with the packaging. Even if you only give a little, you can make it look valuable on the outside. It works much better. White or gold gift bags look classy and make the gift look special. You should also use loops. Cards never hurt either, especially because you can have beautiful sayings written in them, or you simply write in the wedding date and names. You will surely find the right wedding accessories soon.