Wedding Wands – the new way to wish luck

The little chopsticks, decorated with ribbons and bells, are used to receive the bridal couple in front of the church or in front of the registry office. This tradition proves to be particularly practical, as it can replace the scattering of confetti or rose petals, which in many places is no longer seen as a result of the resulting dirt on the floor. The wedding guests also enjoy the beautiful Wedding Wands and wave the chopsticks to wish the young couple good luck for their life together. At the same time they serve as a small souvenir of the wedding.

Wedding Wands are easily made by hand

It’s a lot of fun to make the Wedding Wands, or wedding magic sticks, in the Circle of Friends. Only a few materials are required for this:

– wooden sticks of about 6 mm in diameter
– bells
– nylon thread
satin ribbon in the colors of the wedding
– glue gun
– fine saw
– sandpaper

The wooden sticks should be cut to about 30 cm in length and smoothed at the ends. Then the nylon thread with the bells threaded on it is knotted at one end and fastened to the wooden stick with the glue gun. After that, you can begin to decorate the rod with satin ribbons in any way. If possible, the wooden stick should be completely covered, so that an attractive appearance is created.

Wedding Wands in the wedding shop

Of course, not every bride has the skill, the time or the patience to take care of crafting during the wedding preparations. You can find the pretty wedding magic sticks, which are very trendy this year, in different wedding shops and just order ready. With the large selection you can certainly find something suitable for your own wedding. You should buy enough chopsticks, so you definitely have a wedding wall for each wedding guest.

What are Wedding Wands anyway?

The guests stand next to each other and opposite the Wedding Wands and then raise their arms as the wedding couple passes between them. Not only does this create a wonderful moment, but it also makes everyone happy. Danger! Keep the cameras ready as this event should not be missing from your wedding book and guestbook. The bride should make sure that she does not stumble or get caught in her wedding dress. In tight-fitting clothes, it is not very easy to walk.

Wedding Wands Lucky Strips

Of course you need some equipment for this project. Here, so-called lucky chopsticks are recommended. They look great and they come in many different variations. As you already know, the word chopsticks is inside, that’s because decoration is attached to it. With these you wave that in the air when the couple runs through. Either you stick a small bell and some longer loops on it or you stick the loops and little flowers on it. The ribbons or loops are usually about half a meter long. You can also choose different colors to make it a bit more colorful.

Pretty ornate, but how?

Very simple, with a lot of decoration! Use lace here because it always looks good. You can make the lucky staff yourself or order it. What looks good are small cut shapes, such as small hearts or butterflies. If the shapes are big enough, you can also write something on them. One possibility would be “just married”. You could let the hearts have the initials of your name and that of your husband with a plus in between. If you make the sticks yourself, you can also organize a girls’ evening for it, then everything goes much faster. Besides, everything is more fun with friends.