You should get the Wedding Stationery on time

A lot of paper goods are always used for the wedding. Since weddings are usually under a certain color theme, one should also choose the wedding stationery accordingly. If you order all the items at once, you can choose the same design on the entire stationery, which not only looks elegant, but also, for example, immediately alerts guests to the fact that this is post about the wedding when you receive a card , With larger orders you can often get a price discount.

This Wedding Stationery items you need for the wedding

The wedding stationery has its own post during wedding planning. At the latest, if you have put together a temporary guest list, you should go to order the individual items. This includes:

invitation cards
place cards
menu cards
Thank You cards

Save-the-date cards can also be sent out to inform guests of the date a few months before the wedding date, without, however, giving any further details. Another article that is often needed are small cards that are attached to the favors. Especially, if one decides for wedding almonds as a gift, a so-called almond card should be attached, on which in a few words the meaning of the old custom can be explained.

Allow time for printing

Most wedding paraphernalia articles contain pre-printed texts, which are supplemented with a handwritten salutation and signature. Such articles should be ordered in good time. Especially the save the date cards should be sent a few months before the wedding, so that the guests can mark the date. The invitations will be sent 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. This leaves enough time to receive a response and make any changes to the amount of food ordered. Menu and place cards should also be available days before the wedding so that there are no bottlenecks at the last moment.

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In our shop you will find a large selection of suitable items for a successful wedding.