Wedding Rings – Tips on buying and selection

Engagement rings are a symbol of the commitment and marriage to Always. He is the culmination of each ceremony and accompanies the newlyweds for many years. For this reason, a wedding ring not only has to fit perfectly in style and form to the bride and groom, but of course it also has to master everyday life well. The following factors must be considered when buying and choosing the perfect wedding ring.

The budget

Half a year ago, get information about the various offers and options and discuss the budget with your partner. Most newlyweds spend around 15% of their wedding wedding budget, which is of course an individual choice. Usually the wedding rings are picked three months before the big day, adjusted and then bought. The quality should be more important than the price and size of the wedding rings.

The material

When choosing the right wedding ring, the material plays an important role, as you will wear the jewelry every day. Most sad ones are made of gold or platinum. Rings in gold are available in many different colors – golden yellow, white gold, rose gold – the desired color of the wedding ring is achieved by adding other materials. The numbers like 333 or 585 indicate how much gold was processed in a wedding ring. 333er gold has a 30% share of gold in the ring and is rather unsuitable for a wedding ring, since they can dull start. Platinum, however, is much more robust than gold, but also more expensive, since platinum is extremely rare and pure. A still popular material is Palladium, because it is cheaper than Paltinum and more resistant than colored gold.

Style and shape

Whether elegant, simple or pompous – there is simply a very large selection of wedding rings. But a wedding ring should not be a gem of the season, sodern still fallen many years. Particularly popular are classic shapes without diamonds and brilliants. White or silver glittering wedding rings made of platinum are a favorite of many bridal couples. But yellow gold and rose gold are also popular, and look particularly harmonious and elegant, especially in darker skin types. No matter which style and shape you choose, the fact is, you have to try the different wedding rings and adjust them by hand.

Normally, wedding rings of a man and a woman do not have to be similar. They complement each other just like the couple – adorned with diamonds for the bride and elegantly designed for the man. You should still present a connection at first glance. For this reason, one should agree on a material and a base color. The marriage of the bride and groom is especially beautifully sealed by an engraving on the inside. You can have the wedding date and / or the common name or a small saying engraved.

By the jeweler or even designed by yourself?

A pure style question – the decision as to whether the bride and groom buy the wedding ring from a jeweler or commission a unique and unique design from a goldsmith. Very popular are workshops for wedding rings where the newlyweds get the opportunity to make their own wedding rings from start to finish. The unique of each relationship can be captured in its own design.

The last tips before the wedding

About two weeks before the wedding, the wedding rings should be tried on again and adjusted if necessary, so that the exchange of rings in the church everything runs smoothly – even with nervous hands. Just do not panic, even if the wedding ring does not quite fit over your finger during the exchange of rings – often your hands can simply swell up a bit due to excitement.

For information: Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn on the left and the wedding ring on the right hand. In other countries, it is often the other way round: in some cities, one does not knowingly wear engagement but a wedding ring on the left hand – according to ancient belief, the hand that is closest to the heart.

Wedding rings – old custom with symbolic character

Wedding rings have been usable since ancient times. With their round shape, they symbolize the infinity of the couple’s love. You buy wedding rings for a lifetime and, when buying them together with your partner, you should think carefully about which model suits you best. It should be remembered that the wedding ring is worn every day and should therefore not only be beautiful and noble, but also practical. In Germany, it is customary to wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand, while the engagement ring is worn on the left hand. When choosing one should be careful to choose a piece of jewelry that you will also like to wear for years. The consideration also plays a role, whether the wedding ring to the kind of jewelry that you normally like to wear.

Choose the right material

When you start to become interested in wedding rings, you will find that there is a wide choice of materials. This includes:

– Gold / Classic and especially suitable for darker skin
– White gold / fits very well with silver jewelry
– Platinum / Extra durable and without abrasion. Platinum is also hypoallergenic
– Palladium / With tin comparable but often cheaper
– Titanium / Very resistant, biocompatible and very light
– Silver / Attractive and inexpensive

The wedding rings can also be decorated with diamonds or other gemstones.

Buy wedding rings early

With the purchase of the wedding rings you should not wait until the last moment, so that you have enough time to find the perfect model. The wedding rings do not necessarily have to be the same for men and women. If one can not find a common compromise, one can, for example, choose a simple ring for the man, while the woman’s wedding ring is set with diamonds. Also for the engraving should be enough time, so that the rings are ready for the wedding date.

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