Wedding Ribbons as attractive decoration elements

Wedding ribbons are used throughout the festival and are beautifully formed from satin ribbon or taffeta. You can either buy the wedding ribbons for the individual decoration projects ready-made or, with a little time and skill, you can also make them yourself. The ribbons are found in various sizes. From the delicate bow for the gift wrap to the large bow of the car decoration, they come in a variety of sizes and finishes. The ribbons can be provided with wire or cord so that they can be easily inserted into the decoration. If you use them in a flower arrangement, for example, they can stand wonderfully on wire, while in the decoration of the vehicles they are usually fastened with a drawstring in order not to scratch the car paint.

The Car Ribbon – beautiful tradition for the wedding

While the bride and groom’s car is often elaborately decorated, the other vehicles that take part in the wedding are provided with pretty wedding bows. If you drive in a convoy from the church to the wedding location, you can immediately recognize the vehicles that belong to the wedding on the loop. There are several types of easy-to-tie ribbons for the cars that you can attach to the door:

– simple ribbon
– double ribbon
– bow with taffeta ribbon and tulle
– double bow made of taffeta, tulle and organza

If you want to tie the auto loops yourself, you can find detailed instructions on the Internet, with which the loops are guaranteed to succeed.

Table decoration with wedding bow

Even on the holiday table, wedding ribbons never fail to have an effect. The bows can be designed in the colors of the wedding or in gold and silver for noble glitter effects. The ribbons can decorate with vases, candlesticks and other ornaments. They radiate a delicate elegance that gives the table a special charm.

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