Wedding pins for groom and guests

While the bride receives a beautiful bridal bouquet for the wedding, the groom is also decorated with a small floral decoration. A pin to the wedding is worn on the lapel of the suit jacket, which particularly highlights the groom on his day of honor. Even the best man and other male guests, such as the father of the bride, are often awarded a pin. At some weddings, it is now customary to provide a wedding pin for all guests. This creates a particularly festive atmosphere, and it also creates a nice group dynamic, which helps to create faster conversations among the guests.

Wedding pins – You should consider this with the badge

The pin for the groom should always be much more expensive than the wedding pins of the guests. You can choose the following ideas:

– Large solitary flower
– Decorated with beads, bows and ribbons
– Small bouquet suitable for the flowers of the bride

The pins for the wedding of the guests should be a little smaller, so that the groom with his jewelry stands out clearly from the others. Guests can choose from a single flower or, for example, an aromatic bunch of rosemary sprigs that will delight the whole day with its wonderful fragrance.

Perfekte Position einer Anstecknadel

The wedding custom dictates that single persons wear the wedding pin on the left and married on the right. The groom wears the pin on the left side. Often, however, this can lead to complications: Divorced people do not know which side they should put their posy and some, it is unpleasant to identify themselves as a single. Therefore, at some weddings, it is necessary to use the wedding pin with all guests on the left side. In front of the church, a helper can stand by, who distributes the pins and helps the guests to attach the piece of jewelry.

Selection of the pin for the wedding

There are extensive pins and it is hard to decide. The pins have to fit the wedding and theme. It depends on the taste of the bride and groom, which pins fit the wedding. The pins can also be customized to decorate the location. It looks very harmonious. For example, the pin can match the table decoration or the color of the decoration. It might be a good idea that the women wear uniform pins and the men too. If you find it difficult to choose a pin, browse websites. You will find a lot of pins in the Internet shop. There are different designs, colors, shapes and sizes. So you have an overview and can decide in peace.

Types of pin

A small bouquet on the suit or on the dress looks nice. The bouquet can also have small white pearls or be decorated with other pieces of jewelry, such as with bows or with jewelry ribbons. The color does not necessarily have to match the flowers. But it should agree well in the end. You can also make the pins yourself if you have the time.

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