Wedding Mugs as beautiful memorabilia

Often you are looking for a small gift idea to congratulate a bride and groom on the wedding. Of course, you want a gift that is original and a pleasure. Wedding mugs are a wonderful solution because the young couple can use them every day. In addition to a nice reminder of the most important day, they are a practical everyday item that can be used early in the morning with the first cup of coffee.

Choose attractive Wedding Mugs

If you want to give away wedding mugs, you will find numerous attractive designs, so the choice is often difficult. Mugs in cup form are particularly popular today, but you can also choose classic cups with saucers. The cups can be printed with different prints and motifs, or they can be personalized. The following details are available for personalization:

– name of the bride and groom
– wedding date
– wedding picture

Often one decides on two different cups, so that the bride and groom each have an individual cup. Each cup only has a name and the wedding date. A tailcoat for the groom’s cup and a wedding dress for the bride’s cup can be used as an ornament. Many cups are characterized by other pretty details, such as heart-shaped handles. You can browse through the offer and choose the most beautiful cup.

Give away antique wedding mugs

If the bride and groom have a penchant for past times and maybe even celebrate a Vintage Wedding, you can also give away antique cups. These beautifully decorated cups in lush floral pattern are often provided with a gold rim and are wonderful as jewelry in a showcase. Such cups can be found either online or in antique shops and thus cause real enthusiasm among lovers.


Just because the wedding cups are simple, the packaging doesn’t have to be that way. You can let off steam there. In addition, you can also sweets or the like put in the cups, which is certainly good for everyone. Another idea would be to put in small pieces of paper that say what you love and appreciate most about the bride and groom. If you want the packaging to look classy, ​​you can decorate it with pearls or beautiful bows.

What to add

Absolute favorites are wine or champagne. You can also give the couple a greeting card. If you choose a bouquet, you shouldn’t choose too big. Here less is more. Another option could be to put a certain amount of money in an envelope and hand it over with the wedding cups.

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