Wedding movies are a great way to start the day

Before the wedding, you can often think of nothing else than the big day, where finally your own wedding will take place. To get in the mood for the event, it’s fun to watch wedding movies. You can watch the movie alone or invite a few friends and host a small pre-wedding movie night. From old classics to new films, there is a huge selection on the subject.

Funny or reflective: Wedding Movies are entertaining

Not every day you are in the same mood. Sometimes you just feel like laughing heartily, while on other days you’re more in a decent mood. That’s why it’s also worth buying several wedding films, so that there is always a suitable title at hand.

The most popular wedding movies include:

– “My best friend’s wedding” with Julia Roberts
– “The Wedding Date” with Debra Messing
– “Maid of Honor” with Patrick Dempsey

Some DVDs are also collections of several films. These are particularly suitable for the cozy movie night.

Preparing for the wedding with movies

However, there are not just feature films in the category of wedding movies. For example, you can also find out about wedding dances and choose your own opening dance. If you look at the dances more often you can dance them well soon. And for those who like the classic, there are also famous works such as the “Marriage of Figaro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart included in the offer.

Wedding movies create memories

Who does not know them, the romantic wedding movies, which you always like to watch, especially in the time before your own wedding. When the Hollywood movie heroes make the vow and the groom finally gets to kiss the bride, so many eyes fill with tears of emotion. Such a glamorous memory can also be created for one’s own wedding. From the photographer you can make your own wedding movie, where you are the main actor yourself. In this way you can experience your own wedding again and again years later.

Hold the wedding in a special way

A wedding movie can be designed according to your own ideas. You can opt for different scenes, which can be filmed individually and later compiled. This includes:

– preparation of the bride
– civil ceremony
– church wedding
– ride in the carriage or the wedding car

This creates a complete reminder of the most beautiful day in the couple’s life, which can be shaped as one wishes. Of course, an experienced photographer can advise which scenes work best and ensure that all recordings are recorded perfectly from a film-technical point of view.

Wedding Movies – an experience on the big screen

With different providers, you can see the wedding movie today not only as a video on the TV at home or in the computer, but has the opportunity to experience its own movie premiere on the big screen. It does not matter if you just want to enjoy such a show in a romantic way as a couple, or if you invite the whole wedding party, such a movie experience is always impressive. When the lights go out in the hall and you even appear in the wedding dress like a movie star next to the groom on the screen, you can once again understand the festival from a completely different perspective and compliment the decision on the wedding movie. A wedding movie is also a wonderful gift idea for the bride and groom.

Equipment for the wedding movie

Make sure that you have a good camera, if you do not know enough about it, inform yourself. Watch that you have the most beautiful moments on video and make sure you have a good camera crew, because that is the only way to create a good wedding movie. Not only the video is important, but also the photos. Make sure you find the right photographer here as well. Find a place where beautiful photos can emerge. Go with your partner in one place and take a photo shoot.

The lighting of the wedding movie

The lights also play an important role. If the rooms are not well lit, the movie will not be as beautiful as you might have imagined. Include effects.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the day with your partner, whom you marry only once. With the film you can capture the most beautiful and emotional moments of your wedding and always remember the good times back.

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