The Wedding Jam – the perfect favor

It is customary to present a guest gift to guests at the wedding. The bride always tries to find a particularly unusual gift that is characteristic of her wedding and at the same time gives pleasure to the guests. An idea that always triggers enthusiasm is the wedding jam, which is handmade and packaged in pretty jars. The glasses can be beautifully decorated so that they match the style and color perfectly for the wedding. With such a sweet treat, guests are given a treat that will remind them of the wedding for the next few days.

Wedding Jam homemade

Every passionate cook has her own secret recipe for excellent jam. If the bride has decided to make jam herself, she can use the help of her mother, mother-in-law or friends to find a recipe idea that is guaranteed to be a complete success. Once the jam has been cooked, all that is left to do is to pour it into beautiful glasses that are decorated and labeled according to the wedding requirements. You need:

– a jam jar with lid per guest
– labels for labeling
– felt-tip pen
– colorful ribbons for decorating

At a big wedding you can have the labels for the wedding jam printed. It should include the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date on it. With a smaller number of guests you can also label the labels by hand. Colorful satin ribbons in the colors of the wedding serve to give the glasses special charm. If you want to make the gift particularly elegant, you can also attach a gift tag with the name of the guest.

Buy Wedding Jam

If you organize a big wedding, there is often no time for such tasks as preparing the jam. You can also buy handmade wedding jam ready. This jam is already nicely packaged and you can usually choose decoration and lettering yourself.

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