Invitations to the wedding – first duty of the bride

The wedding invitations are among the first official duties the bride has to perform. As soon as the final guest list is set up you should start designing the wedding invitations. These should be delivered to guests at least six weeks before the festival. In this way, on the one hand, guests are given the opportunity to record the event on time in their diaries, and on the other hand, they can also receive early replies, in order to plan the preparations for the tasting of the guests accordingly.

Important information for the invitation

The wedding invitation is informative and should contain some basic elements. This includes:

– name of bride and groom
– date and time of the wedding
– place of the wedding ceremony
– date and time of wedding reception
– wedding location

In addition, you can also incorporate some other information on the invitation. For example, you can choose a particular dress or ask for a response. Gift requests can also be specified on the invitation card. This is common when you have a list in a particular store or when you wish to buy gifts.

Beautiful design of the invitation

The wedding invitations should be representative of the wedding and adapt to their style. With the invitation you should already give the guests anticipation of the festival. Many brides also start the invitation with a matching wedding slogan, which in a sense becomes a trademark for their pre-wedding correspondence. Especially at large weddings, the invitations are usually printed with a previously designed text. However, it is advisable to make the salutation of the guest as well as your own signature handwritten in order to guarantee a personal touch. Wedding invitations should always be equipped with an envelope. Also, you should not overload it with information. If you want to add information such as a map with the directions to the wedding location, you better choose a separate envelope.

Write a wedding invitation

It is especially nice when the invitation to the wedding and the wedding party are under a specific motto that is especially important or typical for you and your future.

Here you will find a nice selection of sayings for wedding invitation.

Tips for writing wedding invitations

Here you will find a nice selection of sayings for wedding invitation.

Invitation to the wedding

“To love a human means to grow old with him.” Albert Camus

“Marriage is not the happy ending – it’s always just a start.” Federico Fellini

4 W-questions

In a wedding invitation, all the important information that matters to your wedding guests should come up – and answer the 4 W questions: What-When-Where-Who ..

Naughty formulated wedding cards are welcome

It is not easy to formulate certain clues to concise and charming.

Practical examples of a wedding invitation

We are going to marry
on the 25th of November 2020 at 14 o’clock
in the gospel church in

For the subsequent wedding party
in the Grand Hotel
we would like to invite you very cordially.

However, if you want all guests to appear in a specific dress choice, then this should also be noted in the invitation.

On 15.10.2020 we dare.

The festive service begins at
1 pm in the St. James Church.

After the ceremony, we want to be with you
spend a nice day together.
We would like to celebrate traditionally and would be happy
if you appear in costume.

The celebration takes place in New York in the restaurant …
Steve and Sarah are looking forward to your coming.

Please let us know as soon as possible, if you can come.

What do you have to look out for in a wedding invitation?

If it is of particular importance to you that you expect a response from your wedding invitation, how many and which people accept your invitation, then this is the only way to celebrate your celebration properly.

The addition that is customary on invitations is often – Answer is requested – with a confirmation date. Of course you could also formulate that a little bit officially.

Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it.
Ricarda Huch

From now on, we live in abundance!

We give each other twice.

on 21.05.2020
at 16 o’clock
in the registry office Ohio

on 25.11.2016
at 15 o’clock
in the church …

After our ecclesiastical yes-word you should also participate in our abundance. We would be very happy, if you are with us in the small … celebrates. So we can plan better, we ask you to tell us until 10.04.2020, if you can come.

Important building blocks for your wedding card

The ‘wedding’ / An official announcement that closes where and when and who invites. Normally, it is the bridal couple, but if it traditionally likes to have, also invite the bride and groom parents.

Wedding cards – what else needs to be considered?

There are some special ideas that you want to entertain, for example, because of the choice of clothes of your guests, the wedding motto, the special program, the gift wish, the date of the response or simply because of the presence of the children of your wedding guests.

Design of the wedding invitation

What do you actually write in an invitation card? Think about what you want to tell your guests with the card. Important information is place, date, time and dress code. The design also plays a very important role. Also choose suitable photos. Make shared couple photos that you can then print on the invitation card. You can also print rings and hearts on the wedding invitation. Decorate the card and agree on a color scheme. Finding the right words is not that easy. Write that you look forward to the wedding, and you would be happy if you came. The text should be written as personally as possible. Wedding invitations can also be designed by yourself. Nowadays you can do the invitations online yourself. Let your imagination run wild.

The right loops

Wedding invitations can be designed with lace or bows. The loops are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. If you do not know which color you would like to have, consult a professional. He will certainly be able to help you. The color scheme should let itself be pulled through the whole location. The loops can be adapted to the wedding decoration. They look very noble and of high quality.