Wedding Heart – A telling motif on every wedding

A wedding is all about the young couple and their love. This is of course reflected in the wedding decoration again. That is why the heart as a symbol of love and emotions is also a recurring and widespread motif in the room and table decorations.

If the heart motif is used as a suitable motif of the wedding decoration, here is an enrichment of choice:

– balloons in heart shape
– hearts made of flowers
– place cards in heart shape
– sweets in heart shape
– napkins as heart-shaped origami

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to decorating hearts, because at the wedding you are welcome to show your heart, even if the little hearts are seen as a cliché.

The wedding heart as a game

The heart motif can be found at the wedding even as a popular and traditional wedding game again. In the game, the young couple must cut a heart together and thus overcome the first hurdle in married life together. This is how the game works: When the couple comes out of the church and stands in front of the entrance, two guests hold a large white sheet in front of the door, on which a large red heart is painted. This bed sheet represents the first obstacle in the newly closed marriage. The newlyweds must now cut out the heart to get through the resulting opening to the outside. In addition, the bride and groom each receive nail scissors and now have to get down to work. The game provides an excellent opportunity for great souvenir photos and at the same time provides a relaxation after the ceremonial ceremony. Thus, a good start for the wedding celebration is created.

Ingredients for the game

A special charm of the wedding heart game is that it is very easy to implement and requires very little material. All you need is a bed sheet, a little bit of textile paint and two scissors. If you want to make the preparation even easier, you can also buy an already pre-printed bed sheet for the game, which is delivered together with the two scissors.

Wedding fireworks from the heart

Wedding fireworks are an absolute must for successful entertainment and must not be missing at any wedding. You can get them in different colors and shapes. For example, you can choose the heart shape and you can also have the name of the bride and groom signed in a romantic and elegant font. You can best seek advice from a professional. Tell him exactly what style the fireworks should fit.

-In what colors?
-In which form?
-How long should the fireworks last?

Here you have a very large selection of fireworks. There are also some that can change their color and, for example, transform their shape from a ring to a heart.

Wedding hearts as decoration

Wedding hearts are often used in wedding decorations, as they make the location a lot more romantic and the perfect match for the overall picture of a wedding. Wedding banners are also very often presented in the form of hearts. These come in different sizes, shapes and patterns. Also balloons, which are attached in the form of a heart, are found at weddings as a popular decoration means again.

Find a lot of useful tips for your excellent wedding planning so that the best day in your life is a complete success.