Guestbook for the wedding

Guest books are among the traditions that are maintained at most weddings. The guestbook is usually laid out on a table near the exit so that guests can sign in to it. Often, not only a ballpoint pen, but also colorful felt pens are provided, so that the guests can make their own entry at will. Funny wedding sayings, thank you notes for a nice feast, as well as good wedding wishes for the married life line up in colorful dance and reflect the character of each guest. Thus, the guest book for the wedding is a wonderful memento, which is still taken by most couples in later years ever again to hand.

Creative ideas for the guest book

Every bride wants to customize her scrapbook so that she can create a unique memory. Thus, some crafting utensils are often laid out with the guest book, which allow the guests, in turn, to be creative in the entry. It is also a very popular idea to take photos of the guests with disposable cameras and to paste them into the guest book entry. You can also get several different types of guestbooks. This includes:

– Skyline Guestbook
– Wedding Tree Guestbook
– Guest poster
– 3D guestbook

So it pays to study the offer before making a purchase decision.

One should note: If you select the guest book, you should definitely make sure that it also enough scope granted, so that all guests can register. It also turned out to be a good idea for the bride to start the guest book with a nice saying to her guests. This avoids the guests’ reluctance to be the first to register. Also, the guest book should be laid out in a clearly visible place. Nevertheless, it is best to give the guests a little privacy so that they can make their entry undisturbed.

Wedding guest book – collect memories

A wedding celebration is a day that sets a milestone in the bride and groom’s life. Of course, such a day is also associated with a lot of stress and excitement. For many couples, it is therefore also a wonderful experience, long after the wedding relaxed once again to understand the events of the memorable day. Memorabilia such as a guest book for the wedding are a small reminder that you can keep for decades and always look at again. That is why it is important to make a special choice for the wedding guestbook.

Wichtige Gesichtspunkte für das Gästealbum

If you create a guest book for the wedding, you should consider some aspects:

– Select a guest book big enough so that all guests can register
– Choose suitable introductory text
– Matching writing instruments should be ready
– Guestbook should match the color of the wedding decoration

It is advisable to place the guestbook in a convenient location so that guests are reminded to sign up. At the same time should provide enough privacy, so that each guest can take time for his entry in peace. A table or stand at the entrance to the ballroom is usually best for setting up such an album.

Meaningful ideas for the guest album for the wedding

If you want to turn the guest book into a very nice memory of the wedding, you can contribute with some ideas to make the album a unique success. For example, you can ask a few chosen friends to sign up right away and accompany their spell with a funny cartoon. So the other guests feel inspired when it’s their turn to write in the guest book. In addition to the pen, you can also put a few colorful felt-tip pens for the entries. Another good idea is to take photos of Polaroid’s guests, which will then be glued to the guest album together with the entry of each guest.

Guest book for the wedding – nice memory of a unique party

To keep the memories of the most beautiful day of your life in mind, a wedding guest book offers itself. After the wedding party is over, it is great fun to review the most beautiful day and to see the collected wedding wishes of all wedding guests.

In order to make your guest book very special, we have three tips for you to help the wedding guests to creatively create their guestbook entries. If someone is a classic guest book too uninteresting, so you offer some imaginative alternatives – guestbook posters, 3D guest books, guest books with pre-made questions.

Make guestbook entries creatively – order cheap in the online shop

If you want a creative guestbook, you can help your guests to let their imagination run wild.

Tip 1: ask questions

A writer’s block is often triggered by a blank white page. Not everyone can always have a good spell ready. In order to support your guests and to encourage creativity, you can give your guests a specific task. An example would be:

• What special moments did you experience with the couple?
• Where do you see the bride and groom in 15 years?
• How do you know Bride & Groom?
• What do you wish the couple for the future?
• What is the secret to a happy marriage?

Tip 2: Integrate photos

The guest book is really brought to life through photos. The best way to take spontaneous pictures is to take an instant camera.

Important: Think of photo corners or glue to attach the photos in the guest book.

Tip 3: Make crafting supplies ready

Do not forget to provide various crafting utensils for the design of the guest book. Only in this way can your wedding guests really develop their creativity. Here you will find a selection of crafting utensils:

• colorful pens
• Glitter pins
• colorful paper, scissors & glue
• small stickers or stickers
• Stamp & inkpad

If you combine all three tips together, your guestbook will be unique and unforgettable – a unique one.

Alternatives to the classic wedding guest book

Here are a few alternatives to the classic wedding guest book:

3D guest book

A 3D guest book is a real eye-catcher. All guests sign in a heart belonging to the picture. The 3D guestbook is available in different colors and sizes.

Wedding Tree Guest book

This guestbook is on a canvas and every guest is asked to leave a fingerprint. Finally, the tree bears individual leaves. For the impression acrylic paint is recommended.

Skyline Guest book

There are several city skylines available for this guestbook. Whether Salzburg, Vienna or Hamburgv- the guestbook awakens feelings of home.

Guest Poster

On this guest poster – a flower – the guests only have to immortalize themselves on many petals.

Index cards for guests

Index cards are a very different form of wedding book. Here the guests have to give their name as well as the relationship to the Braupaar. In addition, there is still room for congratulations and a photo.

Tips for a successful guest book for the wedding

Loving memories of the most beautiful day of life! The wedding is one of the most important events in life, captured with pictures and a beautifully designed guestbook.

For a long time one waits for the day of the wedding and swells, he is already over again. It is important to capture the most beautiful memories and moments of this special day to create a look back to eternity. To include all the lovely people in these memories, a neatly designed scrapbook is available for the wedding. Desires and nice, personal words can be written down there and can be kept as a special memory. So that nothing goes wrong, we have listed the most important steps for a successful guestbook.

The agony of choice – which guestbook for the wedding should one select?

Welcome to spoiled for choice at the richly set guest book buffet in small craft girls, the stationery shops around the corner and larger department stores – the decision is of course difficult. It is important that the book fits the couple and is chosen so that it will still like in 20 years. As a timeless object of the memories, it can be equipped with various applications, covered with pretty motifs or even simply chosen. Depending on the type can be distinguished, in which stylistic direction the guest book should go.

If the selection of books is not enough or if you are looking for something very individual, you can also turn to a simple book and lend a hand with small craft items, true to the motto “Do it yourself”! Small beads, lace fabric, stickers, gemstones or even photos can decorate the book. Beautify your book with cute phrases, the vow or the treachery. If your wedding takes place under a specific motto, or if certain color groups go through the deco of the wedding party, then you simply include these elements in the guest book.

Involve friends in the wedding preparation

If you would like to involve your friends in the process of the guest book, then let it tinker by your creative and handicraft gifted girlfriend. So the friends become an important part of the wedding preparation.

When preparing the guest book for the wedding should already be decorated something, so for example a nice greeting for the guests should be entered in advance. Nevertheless, you can also hand in the aftermath. Make sure that some pages remain free in the guestbook, and you can use the place to paste in the bride and groom photo of the wedding.


So that each of your family circle and your friends perpetuates in the guestbook, it is important. to place it centrally and visibly. For the book display, choose a place where guests will inevitably pass by, so that they will be reminded over and over again. To be on the safe side, give the hint at a reception speech, where the guestbook is located and that you would be very happy about a nice entry.

Attention: The guestbook space for the wedding should be out of reach of candles, drinks, food, or items that could damage the book.

So that nothing goes wrong, provide several pens, if one gives up the ghost. Make sure that the pens have the same color, so it looks more consistent later in the book. If you are one of the colorful contemporaries, just put out colorful pens of different colors. Each guest can choose one or more colors and create a happy overall picture.

Instead of sayings crative drawings

If the usual sayings, wishes and greetings are too monotonous for you, ask your guests for a little variety. Suggest to create a pretty drawing, or ask to describe you and your loved one in a few words. Ask for the most beautiful memory and the most memorable moment that you and your guests have experienced together. How would you describe the bride and groom in five words? Or: Do the bridal couple belong to the species of the animals, which species are they and why? Here are many playful questions and suggestions for the guests possible.

A little more variety? Set up a Polaroid camera or a photo box. Each guest can take a photo of themselves in a pretty wedding look and paste it including your dearest greetings in the guest book.

Put glue, small gems and appliqués and ask your guests to artfully paste the plain, white book.

So that the personal guest book full of memories nothing happens, even after a wild night full of games, fun and plenty of champagne on the fact that the guest book with you or a person of your confidence comes home. So you run the risk that the reminder album is lost or accidentally gets dirty with something.

The decorated finale

The party is over, the guests have immortalized themselves and you also want to capture a piece of your special wedding moments in the guest book. Decorate the book with a piece of your wedding veil, which will stay in the closet anyway after the wedding. Or you can include the invitation cards for the party. Another option is to glue in a kiss of the bride and the groom’s tie. Write the favorite lines from your wedding song in the guestbook or leave your loved one a romantic love greeting. Write down what particularly touched or surprised you on that day, because that is how the still existing memories are no longer lost.

The slightly different guest book

The guestbook is a great way to keep a lasting memory of the wedding and all those who participated in it. Even long after the celebration, it is a pleasure to read through the collected wedding wishes of friends, acquaintances and relatives.

To make your guest book special, encourage your guests to make their entries creative. That’s how it’s done:

Ask questions

Empty paper basically makes it difficult to leave your congratulations and sometimes causes a writer’s block. Not everyone has a suitable spell on command. A good way to arouse the imagination of the guests is to give them concrete tasks.

• What special moments did you experience with the couple?
• How many children will the bride and groom have once?
• How did you meet the bride and groom?
• What do you wish the spouses for the future?
• What is the secret of a happy marriage?

With a little imagination, you can find plenty of good questions that will spare your wedding guests convulsive thinking – and sometimes even more bumpy or embarrassing entries.

Integrate photos

Photos can be used to bring the pages of the guest book to life. The easiest way to do this is via an instant camera, which is placed next to the guest book and takes care of spontaneous photos. So that they can be glued in immediately, of course, photo corners or Uhustick should be available.

Even more colorful

Wedding guests can fully develop their creativity by preparing crayons, glitter pens, colorful paper with scissors and glue, small stickers or stamps with ink pads.

Alternative variants

Of course, there are already many alternatives to the classic wedding guestbook. From the 3D version, in which those present in a heart belonging to the image perpetuate up to the wedding tree variant, there are numerous ways to make the “congratulatory memory” of your wedding fresh and lively.

Of course, the wedding tree idea becomes a picture rather than a book: Prepare a picture frame covered with canvas onto which you can draw a tree trunk with a few branches. Your guests should then leave their fingerprints on the canvas with the help of the available acrylic paints, so that the prints create leaves and complete the tree.

With a thin waterproof pen everyone can write their name – and the lasting memory is ready. In any case, choose the frame size generously enough that all guests have room for your contribution.

Even more convenient is the variant, index cards and pens to distribute. Here guests can relate their relationship with the couple, congratulations or leave a nice drawing without having to leave their place extra. And you arrange the finished cards at home then to taste.

Here are some other useful wedding planning tips.