Matching gifts for the wedding

Wedding gifts are always a matter of their own. It claims to be this even more unusual, original and high-quality design than other gifts on various occasions.

Often gifts for the wedding should be creative and best homemade. But who has always the time and the ability to make such presents themselves. In addition, every bridal couple is unique and has its own wishes and ideas. In order not to completely go under, you will find various ideas to find the special gift for this day. Whether romantic, funny, original or unusual money gift, here you will find the perfect gift.

Creative guests are in demand

The wedding guests contribute to the success of the big holiday a lot. Today it is quite common – and often desired – to donate money. In this case, you should at least think of a creative and personalized packaging, in order to remain safe in good memory.

Instead of just putting the money in a nice envelope, you could use it for example. buried in a container full of sand or tied to the branches of a small flower. But beware: all too “original” hidden cash as a wedding present could also be lost, because it could be overlooked or destroyed while unpacking. The well-intentioned idea to incorporate the money in a cake form, have a Swedish wedding guest (and the bride and groom) ever regretted bitter: the notes were not rolled up and packed well in plastic, but mixed directly into the concrete …

Personalization engraved

If you want to give something very personal in spite of lower budgets, you can engrave your wedding gift and make it an absolute one-off. Gladly seen are about a champagne glass or a wine bottle with engraving. But also a decorative flower vase or a selectively beautiful stone can be decorated with name and wedding date of the bride and groom.

Personalized photo gifts

Hochzeitsgeschenke Photo gifts are also very popular. You have a wide selection and there are no limits to creativity. For example, a glass clock with a built-in photo has a symbolic value. It can stand for the time spent together by the bride and groom.

A classic among the photo gifts is the snow globe with photo. As a perfect wedding gift, a glitter ball with hearts floating around offers itself. Especially noble look crystal photos, which are available in a simple form as well as the heart.

In addition to other decorative photo gifts, such as glass coasters, placemats, printed cups and fridge magnets, make the bride and groom with a photo book sure a great joy. Here, for example, pictures of the couple’s most beautiful moments can be processed from getting to the wedding. Also conceivable is a photo series from the childhood of both partners until today. Particularly many design possibilities offer photo books. A photo book is a nice gift, because it is something lasting that you always like to look at. Another great idea is a photo canvas showing a particularly romantic moment of the bridal couple.

Tip for adventure seekers

Especially active wedding couples can also be gifted with a voucher for a small or larger adventure. From the weekend with a super sports car to the parachute jump can be found in this area for virtually every taste the right thing.

Wedding gifts of this kind should be well chosen, because with exaggerated adrenaline factor, the thing is easily a boomerang and makes in the end more fear than joy or ends up in a drawer unused. Experience gifts should always be tailored to the bridal couple. Certainly perfect for a couples massage or a candlelit dinner in a very good restaurant or hotel.

Gift ideas for the parents

It used to be customary for the wedding party to be paid for by the bride’s parents, as the man in the classic role model would later have to pay for the common life. But for a long time there are all possibilities for the distribution of these costs among the parents of both partners or many bridal couples bear the costs themselves.

But since most of the bride and-grooms still invest a lot of money in a wedding, honeymoon or homeowner, something lasting can be chosen for the very personal gift that does not have to be overly expensive. Recommended would be, for example, a graphically beautiful executed family tree or a family crest.

Wedding gifts of the family

Close relatives or close friends may also pack something truly personal on the gift table. For example, an original wedding album or a – perhaps jointly created wedding newspaper that keeps the memory alive for years to come. But it can also be a lovingly designed Power Point presentation with funny and romantic photos of the bride and groom, which is played at the celebration and thus contributes to the convivial evening.

Incidentally, as a welcome investment in the future for newlyweds also individual vouchers for soon required activities such as babysitting or help with the upcoming relocation apply.

Gift ideas for colleagues

As a work colleague, you do not have to think about it for quite that long. Here you best give a (jointly financed) gift basket with a nice combination of delicacies for a cozy evening for two. A voucher for a city trip, a musical visit or a photo shoot is also a great gift idea.

Creative wedding gifts – personalized gift ideas

If the wedding gift is about money, nowadays at least creative and personalized packaging is expected. Instead of simply putting the gift in an envelope, hide it in a bucket full of sand or invent a money tree with bills on it. If you want to make a lot of effort, “bake” a cake made of cement, which is opened by the wedding couple with a hammer and chisel. Finally, coins and bills are hidden in a box in the massive cream cake. The spouses will have a good time nibbling when they try with all their strength and in front of the guests to get to the precious filling. In addition to individual money gifts, there are a variety of other unusual and customizable ideas.

Personal wedding gifts with engraving

– champagne glass engraved with the wedding date
– personalized wine bottle with engraving
– flower vases with engraving
– Storage boxes for the future kitchen
– lighter with engraving of the groomsmen for the groom
– slate heart with name of bride and groom
– doormat with the new common family name and wedding date
– personal photo shoot on the subject of After Wedding

A wedding lantern for the bridal couple is not only a romantic gift, but can be easily personalized by you with an engraving. Small rings, the date of the wedding or the names of the spouses are minted on the wedding lantern. The beauty: Even with engraving and personalized with it, the wedding present does not devour any sums of money and is therefore perfect if you are looking for something for the small purse.

If you’d rather give the bride and groom a hint with the fence post, you can think about a wedding gift in the form of a personalized money box. You deposit the first euro quickly and simply as a down payment in the money box. Gifts of money may like to receive a purpose. As a deposit for the honeymoon or just as a wedding gift in the money box – it always serves its purpose.

The gift idea for the perfect wedding gift

Another gift idea is a noble gift bottle, which is personalized engraved. This can either be filled with a fine drop or act as a gift of money with cent coins. The bridal couple will not be astonished when it finds hundreds of cent coins in the noble gift bottle. However, a wedding gift of this kind requires a lot of preparation time from you; Do you want to collect cents and fill the bottle? If you want to go a step further with the wedding gifts for the bride and groom, grab the gift of the present. With this type of wedding gift, the wedding couple experiences a very special moment that they will remember forever.

Tip: Experience gifts are a great way to surprise the wedding couple in a special way. However, you should be aware of possible fears. A climbing tour is less suitable for newlyweds with a sense of heights and a wedding couple without a driver’s license is less likely to be a ferrari ride than an adventure gift.

Experience gifts should always be matched to the bridal couple and harness both parties of the wedding couple. No one is happy about a wedding gift that is only addressed to the bride or groom. Very good couples massage or candlelight dinner are an experience gift. Here, the bridal couple can relax just as pleasant as the subsequent honeymoon after the wedding and the marriage.

If you are looking for something more durable than a wedding present, you can put it on a personalized love lock. Across the world, the custom of attaching a love castle to bridges or buildings, which were given as a wedding present or simply as a gift in between, became established. Especially for the wedding is worth the purchase of several wedding gifts in the form of a love castle ‘. For the upcoming honeymoon and many more holidays, the love castle is a great gift, with which you will always make the newlyweds happy. Engraved with the bridal couple’s name, it becomes a permanent, personalized wedding gift. The love castle – a gift for the wedding and eternity.

Personalized gifts to the wedding – the most beautiful wedding gifts

Wedding and marriage are the perfect moment to show people that you think about them. The wedding gifts come from the heart and are more than a gift for the wedding. They are a gesture and a sign that you always stay connected despite the new life situation. Therefore, the present for the wedding should be chosen wisely. Instead of just buying a gift, you should take time to think about the spouses and the wedding gift. So the wedding and the gift can be a great moment. In addition to gift ideas for the most popular wedding gifts, you also get information and suggestions for unusual gifts that make the marriage just a little nicer.

The different types of gifts to the wedding

– gifts with money
– gifts with coupons
– wedding gifts with household items
– gifts for the wedding and honeymoon
– gift for the child of the spouses
– gift in the form of a performance / appearance

Whatever one chooses, the recipients should be able to spend a nice time together, which they will gladly remember.

Buy cheap wedding gifts

It is not always an easy task to buy the right wedding gifts. In the category of wedding gifts, however, there are many attractive ideas with which one can certainly make the bride and groom a pleasure. When choosing noble little things you can not only choose the right one for a wedding, but also for a special wedding day.

Idea-rich gifts trigger enthusiasm

At a wedding, it is often the case that various items are purchased by multiple guests, so that the bridal couple has a number of household items in duplicate. To avoid making such a gift yourself, it is advisable to look for original ideas for the wedding gifts. For example, fortune cookies are a pretty gift idea for a wedding, and even entertaining books on the subject of marriage give the newlyweds relaxed hours.

The most popular gift suggestions also include:

– champagne glasses with name engraving
– pillowcases “Mr. and Mrs.”
– decorated bottle holder
– noble bath additive collection

With the many different ideas it is easy to find the right one for every couple.

Gifts of money nicely packed

Many bride and groom have already set up their apartment and prefer to present money. There are various types of packaging that can be used to elegantly present a check or bill. In a treasure chest or a pretty wedding savings box, the money can be given in a meaningful way and you get a double joy. It is a good idea to look through the different ideas for wedding gifts in order to enjoy an original gift.

Wrapping the wedding present

The gift must of course be well packed. You can decorate the gift with flowers or with stones. Look for the right wrapping paper. Next, choose a loop that fits. If you have decided to give away money, you should put it in an envelope or wedding card.

Allow yourself enough time to find a gift, because that can quickly get stressful and, after all, you want to find the perfect one.

Simply make wedding gifts yourself

You do not know what you want to give the bride and groom? This is not so easy to find the right gift. These days, brides and grooms prefer to give gifts of money, as they can do much more with them than with any gifts they do not actually need. Do you miss the budget or the time to buy a great gift? Do not worry even a small gift, such as a photo album or flowers, the bride and groom will surely smile. Photo albums are a very nice gift and are also very personal. The bridal couple can always pick up the album and remember the good times. It does not have to be an expensive gift, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. But most of the time, you do not have time to make a present yourself, as there is not enough time for it. That’s why most people buy gifts because it’s much faster and easier.

Here are some other useful wedding planning tips.