Select Wedding Flowers

Flowers are one of the most important decorative elements at most weddings. That is why it is especially important to take care when choosing the wedding flowers. First of all, it is important to choose flowers that match the colors you have chosen for the wedding. You should also pay attention to other aspects. These include, for example, the meaning attributed to each flower and also the season in which the flower is readily available. For example, if the wedding takes place in late spring, tulips offer their season at this time of year and symbolize love and affection. Roses, however, are available throughout the year and are considered messengers of love, joy and beauty.

Wedding Flowers and their uses at the wedding

When one thinks of wedding flowers, the many uses that they find at the wedding often do not come to mind at first. Therefore, you should already create at times a list of all the flowers that you want to use. This is a big expense at the wedding and should be planned with due care. For example, flowers are used for the following purposes:

decoration of the banqueting hall

– church decoration

table decoration

bridal bouquet

pins for groom, groomsmen and other guests

car jewelry

The individual floral arrangements should harmonize with one another, although one does not necessarily have to use the same flowers for all purposes.

Artificial flowers – a practical option

True wedding lilies are a beautiful decoration idea, but also associated with a number of problems. For example, the decoration must be created at the last moment, so that the flowers do not wither. In addition, the flowers can also be quite expensive, if you have set certain flowers in the head, which must be flown in specially. This is why brides today often choose artificial flowers that look beautiful on delicate materials such as silk.

Wedding flowers – meaning

Whether bridal bouquet or a little attention for the new sister-in-law: If you want to talk about wedding flowers in the wedding decoration and the bridal bouquet, you must be careful so that you do not say anything wrong. Because you do not want to signal something wrong, especially on the wedding day?

When choosing your wedding flowers, your preferences should be in the foreground. In case you wish sunflowers as wedding flowers, you should not be misled by the language of flowers. Create your own rules and easily interpret your favorite flowers in your own personal wedding flower language!

The matching wedding flowers

Finding the right flowers is not that easy. There is a large selection of flowers. Do you want big or small flowers? The flowers are available in different sizes and can be tailored to the decoration of your wedding. It depends on the place where you want to put the flowers. For the decoration of armchairs small flowers are recommended. Agree on a color scheme and make sure the colors match the rest of the decoration. The flowers should harmonize with the wedding dress and suit of the groom. The flowers should also harmonize with each other, it is best to consult a professional. Show yourself several and then select the appropriate one.

These points should be noted when buying flowers:

-How big should the flowers be?
-What types of flowers?
-How many flowers do you need?
-In which colors should the flowers be?

Tables are also often decorated with flowers. Here are beautiful roses. Real flowers are great for this, but they do not necessarily have to be. Another nice idea would be larger flowers, so-called ceiling pom-poms on the ceiling to install. This will be an absolute highlight at your wedding.

In the shop you will find a large selection of matching items for a successful wedding.