The right Wedding Fashion for you

In a wedding invitation, you do not just have to worry about a suitable gift. Appearance is just as important and should suit this occasion. Feeling good in wedding fashion is particularly important. But you do not want to be noticed due to wrong wardrobe choice. When it comes to clothing, there are a few rules to keep in mind.

Basic rule of Wedding Fashion

No wedding guest should be more eye-catching and elegant than the newlyweds. It is not easy. Because no guest knows the bridal couple’s cloakroom.

Registry office

The registration of the marriage in the registry office is an official act. Therefore, a discreet choice of clothing is necessary. The appointment usually takes place during the day and therefore you shouldn’t exaggerate when dressing up.

Female guests

By no means white for female guests! White (cream, beige and ivory) only wears the bride. The same applies to black wardrobe. This color traditionally stands for “sadness”. For this reason, black dresses should always be supplemented with colored scarves, jackets or accessories. Brides almost always dare in a long dress. Also present ladies may appear in a long dress. Don’t show too much cleavage in the church! A deep section is taboo. It is essential to cover bare shoulders with a jacket.

Male guests

The groom has a choice between a black suit, Stresemann, cut or tails. In any case, the male guests remain in a black suit. So you do not run the risk of acting “official” as the groom. Matching is festive clothing like an elegant suit for the groom and groomsmen. For wedding guests suit or jacket suit. Tailcoat, cut or tuxedo are too exaggerated.

Wedding invitation

You should already alert your guests in the wedding invitation to a specific dress code. If no notice or dress code has been left on the invitation, simply make yourself smart by phone. A call to the bride and groom often creates clarification. Briefly inquire which clothes are appropriate on the wedding day.

Fashionable exceptions

There are also the so-called “Weddig Shower”. Usually there is a very informal celebration. On a bridal wedding you put on a comfortable outfit.

Special weddings

Themed or themed weddings (such as a “medieval wedding”) are very special. In this case, the invitation card is also clearly and unambiguously formulated.

Wedding Fashion – The right wedding dress for the man

A wedding suit requires class and style from head to toe. The different suit styles, combined well, can make every man the perfect groom. Whether tuxedo, tuxedo or dinner jacket – it makes every man to a chic groom. Here we would like to give you the most important information about the men’s fashion for the groom.

Dress for a day

Wedding fashion of his choice, the groom finds the well-stocked men’s outfitter. This offer, quality and advice. The only disadvantage: Even the suit, etc. off the rack tears a deep hole in the till. Even more expensive is just the customization. On the other hand, the groom may invest in the future. An elegant suit can be “put on” in everyday life after the wedding. Tuxedos and dinner jackets are suitable for all kinds of festivities, they do not go out of style and are still in use for many years (unless the owner “outgrows”).

The search for a rather cheap source of shopping can initially lead to the large department stores, where a real bargain can occasionally be made. The second-hand festive outfit can be found in the second-hand shops specializing in “wedding” (look in the industry register or on the Internet). You may also find what you are looking for when studying the classified ads in the district leaflet or in the daily newspaper, and even an own listing has chances of success.

Many a groom speaks his yes word in a relatively inexpensive, borrowed robe. Professional lenders offer a fashionable selection from the dark suit to the tailcoat, and each model is fitted to the exact figure. Relevant addresses are listed in the sector register under “costume rentals”.

And after the wedding? As I said – many wedding suits accompany their owner almost through life. However, if you want to get rid of the good piece again, there are corresponding possibilities for the respective nature:

– The generous person gives away his wedding state to grateful customers in the circle of friends or relatives.
– The business man sells his outfit on a classified ad or over the Internet.
– The optimist hands the dress to a second-hand shop on commission.
– The cautious mothball the clothes and banish them to the

Wedding Fashion: cuts, styles and trends

In addition to the bride’s wedding dress, the outfit for the groom has become an equally important planning point at every wedding. Just like with the different wedding dresses, there are different groom types, styles and cuts. The groom suit should optimally stage the groom at his wedding and, in combination with the wedding dress of his dream woman, give a round picture.

What does a groom outfit actually include and what are the options?

Wedding fashion for men usually consists of the following components: jacket, trousers, shirt, vest, plastron or tie, pocket square and possibly also cufflinks.

A sleek line and a fine fabric are very popular this year and reflect the retro touch of bridal fashion perfectly. In addition to the classic components of a wedding outfit for the groom, there is also the possibility to choose between a wedding suit, a classic tuxedo or a cut.

Big movie stars, like Brad Pitt at his first wedding to Jennifer Aniston, usually wear a tuxedo and attach great importance to a dramatic appearance a la James Bond. Mostly, the best man and the Entourage of the groom may appear in the partner look at this choice of outfits. But which cut is right for you?

Before deciding on the perfect suit, it is very important that you talk to your fiancé! Traditionally, the groom is not allowed to see his bride’s dress before the big day, but the bride and groom should still consult on style and color choices beforehand. Before there is a wedding scandal and everyone starts looking for clothes separately, you should decide together which style and tone should prevail at your wedding: whether classic, elegant, fashionable or casual.

When should the groom buy his wedding outfit?

A wedding is something special in life and therefore the outfit should be something unique. You should take a good 4 months before the wedding to struggle through the huge range of styles, shapes and colors that have emerged in the wedding world in recent years. It is not uncommon for many grooms to have to make or reorder. A repeated fitting 2-3 weeks before the wedding is important so that the groom is sure that his wedding suit fits perfectly on the actual wedding celebration. One should also be well informed before buying a wedding suit for the gentleman, otherwise it can happen that one is pulled over the table. The wedding suit for the groom does not get as much attention as the dress for the bride, but the right choice of suit is just as important.

Wedding Fashion – the way to the perfect wedding suit

On the day of the wedding, all eyes are on the bride and groom. A suitable outfit underlines the festive appearance of the wedding couple. Unfortunately, the groom often takes a back seat when it comes to wedding clothes compared to his beloved bride. The wedding couple – also optically – only together form a harmonious unity. Below we have summarized the most important tips for you, dear groom, that should support you on the way to your perfect wedding suit.

Who accompanies me when buying a suit?

Contrary to the wedding dress purchase, there is no superstition, which contradicts the accompaniment of your fiancee when buying the wedding suit. So if your loved one’s judgment is very important to you, you can calm down with her on the search for your groom’s outfit. However, it is also a nice idea if your best man or father accompanies you and you then surprise your lady-of-the-heart at the altar with your chosen suit.

Where can I find my perfect groom outfit

Even before you start trying out possible wedding outfits, you have an important choice to make: Where do I start looking for my wedding suit?

Department store
You can find a classic suit at a relatively low price in a department store. Large fashion houses offer a good selection and usually have an in-house change cutter ready. However, you should be aware that department store employees are not specialized in grooms. Large department stores are therefore particularly suitable for men who wear suits in everyday life and know exactly what suits them and what they imagine. Often, the bride and groom can be married civil and ecclesiastical, so that the groom needs two suits. Also in this case, the department store can be a cheap point of contact for the purchase of the wedding suit for the civil wedding.

Men’s outfitter or wedding specialty shop

A men’s outfitters or a specialty shop for groom fashions will usually charge higher prices than the department store, but in return the groom receives comprehensive advice and a wide range of options, from simple suits to wedding suits. If you bring some time, you can almost certainly expect to find THE groom outfit. Georg Abel, consultant at the “Cecile Festmodenzentrum” in Kerpen, agrees with this opinion: “Wedding fashion is our core business. In our groom department we advise future husbands every day on the choice of the perfect wedding outfit and are therefore absolute experts in our field.

In an up to two-hour appointment we work out the individual outfit for our customer, which fits perfectly to his personality. Competent advice paired with a comprehensive offer are very important to us. ”
The accessories for the groom outfit are also not to be neglected; Wedding shoes and a handkerchief, tie or plastron (festive variant of the tie, which is tied wider, shorter and looser; is held in the same pattern as the vest and handkerchief) should be considered in the budget. Another advantage for the specialist shop, because here you get everything from one source.

In order for you and your bride to harmonize well on the wedding day, your outfit should match the wedding dress in color and style. So it is advisable to buy the suit in the same shop in which your bride has bought her wedding dress. In this case the employees know the dress of their loved ones and will conjure up a harmonizing outfit for you.
But even if this is not the case or not possible in the bride or groom store you trust, you can match the wedding suit to the wedding dress of your loved one without first seeing it. Just ask your future wife to give you a color or fabric sample of the wedding dress. Especially if there are color accents in the wedding dress, it is great if they can also be found exactly in the color of the groom’s outfit (e.g. with the tie).

Custom tailor

If the wide selection of specialist shops is not enough, you can have the necessary change made into an absolutely unique piece. Made-to-measure items may also be necessary if the groom does not fit standard sizes due to his physique. In most cases, however, “off the peg” suits can be adapted to the groom’s figure and size.

Usually, the groom has the great advantage over his bride that he can perform his outfit after marriage even more often on special occasions. If you still don’t want to buy a suit, you can find it in a special suit or tailcoat rental.

Not least…

… should feel well cared and welcome. Because apart from objective aspects, such as the breadth of the range offered, above all the feel-good factor counts.

Our tip: Before buying a few thoughts on the models – what do you like, what is fashionable, what fits the style of your wedding?

The do’s and don’ts of men’s fashion

We want you too, dear bridegroom, to look perfect at your wedding. Therefore, there are extra for you the most important do’s and don’ts for wedding suit, wedding shoes and accessories:

Do’s for the groom’s outfit:

– Black, simple shoes without laces
– Manhattan knot in the tie
– To the wedding in the morning: cut
– In the evening for the party: dress or tuxedo
– A flower or small arrangement for the buttonhole
– Concealed button strips on the shirt
– Shirt cuffs, which protrude 1 to 2 centimeters below the jacket sleeve when the arm is stretched out
– Accessories for the man like hats, cufflinks
– Show courage and set fashionable accents
Generally: The groom always directs his appearance to the bride. Therefore, be sure to take a fabric sample of the wedding dress with you to choose the suit!

Dont’s for the groom’s outfit:

– Black bow to white jacket – acute danger of being confused with the head waiter!
– Standard or Windsor knot in the tie
– White socks or sports socks with a dark suit
– Socks that are too short to reveal hairy legs
– Guests appear more pompous than the newlyweds
– Too rigid dress code and exaggerated etiquette rules
– Inconvenient fashion in which a man cannot enjoy the most beautiful day

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