The most beautiful wedding decoration for the big day

The wedding decoration for the church and the ballroom welcomes guests with a beautiful atmosphere and helps create a festive mood right at the beginning of the festivities. Therefore, decoration is also an important part of wedding planning, where you should also rely on the help of experienced friends or a professional decorator.

The wedding decoration can include numerous elements and one can opt for a classic or for a modern style. It is important that throughout the decoration the color theme of the wedding remains. The decorative items that you can use include:

– ribbons and strings of pearls

In addition to the decoration of the hall and the table decoration is to be considered, which plays a major role in the wedding dinner, as it is located directly in front of the guests. It is especially important to consider the right height, so that the wedding decoration does not obstruct the view at the table.

Wedding Decoration – decorating with flowers

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful decorative elements that can be used at a wedding. With delicate or even strong colors, they emphasize the theme of the wedding in a romantic way and can be used both in the church and in the ballroom. Flowers are also used in jewelry for the wedding car and are of course also used in the bridal bouquet.

Wedding Balloons create a happy mood

Also balloons in different sizes, colors and shapes are a popular part of the wedding decoration. They offer the opportunity to conjure cheerfulness in the ambience. Especially attractive are balloons in heart shape, which can also be filled with balloon gas and seem to float in the room as happy messengers of love. Colorful ribbons, bows and strings of pearls make it possible to join balloons to specific shapes or a garland and to use them as decorative elements in various places. Small balloons can also be used in pretty arrangements summarized in the table decoration.

Buy Wedding Decoration made easy

If you organize a wedding, you have to pay attention to the budget. If you put together the decorations for the church and ballroom yourself, you can save the cost of a decorator. There is a selection of many imaginative deco items that are easy to work with and provide a varied decoration that will delight guests.

A good decoration needs planning

Many elements are part of a perfect wedding decoration. From the decoration of the hall to the red wedding carpet for the church many details will be considered. You can just browse through the category wedding decoration and be inspired by the different articles. So you can quickly determine what is missing for your own decoration.

For example, this category includes:

place cards
rose petals
car decoration

It is always a good idea to use the help of friends in the decoration. Together you can choose the most beautiful decorative items and plan the decoration for the wedding.

Ensure special effects at the wedding

With a few simple means, you can provide the features of the ballroom for very special effects. This succeeds, for example, with bamboo torches, which can be lit in the evening in the garden. For interiors you create an equally fascinating lighting effect with LED light chains, which can be cleverly incorporated into the decoration. Thus, the mood in the evening is particularly romantic and contributes to the end of the wedding day in a wonderful way.

With attention to detail to the wedding decoration

Affectionately put together ideas and the decision for a consistent style line let each wedding decoration succeed and produce a total picture, which remains in the best memory.

The wedding decoration is more than just a feast for the eyes

The decoration of the wedding contributes significantly to the mood of the wedding celebration. Through properly chosen accents you can highlight, for example, the story of the bride and groom or common hobbies: has the couple met by the sea, maritime elements, the music of the couple, you can use sheet music as menu cards for the wedding decoration.

And if the bride and groom have a favorite color together, the decoration for the wedding can be tailored to suit them. The well-made wedding decoration can therefore be more than just pretty.

Blooming statements

Flowers are an essential part of every wedding decoration. Here, the bridal bouquet is the Tonangeber number 1. He sets the style on which the entire flower decoration should be based on the wedding. His colors should be reflected in the floral arrangements in registry office and church, in the table decoration and the lapel of the groomsmen or all the male visitors.

If one knows the meaning of the respective flowers and colors, one can give the flower decoration to the wedding decoration still a deeper symbolic meaning. For details, see our section “bridal bouquet”.

Details decide

Once the general line has been established regarding floral arrangements and colors, it can also be applied to all other areas around the wedding decoration.

The very exact can already design engagement announcement and invitation in their style. And just “the little things” such as table or menu cards, ring cushion or the choice of the right napkins underline the character and the success of an individual and harmonious wedding decoration!

The matching colors for the Wedding Decoration

The right color scheme is not that easy to find. Think of a motto before you start the decoration. The colors should definitely be appropriate to the motto. Do you want elegant, simple or striking colors? Decide on one or two colors. The colors should also be visible on the wedding invitation. The cake can also be nicely decorated. Not only the taste counts but the outer one too. Design the cake with beautiful roses. Also wedding figures of the couple on the roof of the cake is an eye-catcher on the cake. The cake can also be decorated with lights. But not only the cake, but also the whole room. Even wedding banners are a great way to make the room look beautiful.

The matching flowers

At a wedding flowers are definitely not missing. It can be real, but also artificial flowers. Mostly armchairs are decorated with flowers. Flowers should also be on the tables. Make sure the flowers on the tables are fresh. Agree on one or two colors. Another nice idea would be larger flowers, so-called ceiling pom-poms on the ceiling. This will be an absolute highlight at your wedding. Other decorations are:

– fairy lights
– candlesticks
– place cards
– scented candles

In our shop you will find a selection of suitable articles for a successful wedding.