The Wedding Confetti creates a good mood

A wedding is a beautiful and exuberant celebration that makes you happy to create a happy mood. Wedding confetti is one of the little things that never miss their big impact. When the colorful confetti tiles are scattered, smiles are conjured up on all faces, and it instantly creates a happy atmosphere that perfectly tunes guests to the wedding. That’s why this pretty detail should not be missing at any wedding.

Wedding Confetti in many colors and designs

If you want to buy wedding confetti, you will soon discover that there is a wide selection of confetti. In many colors you can choose the confetti exactly to match the colors of the wedding. But wedding confetti today are no longer just small paper circles in bright colors. The confetti is available in many pretty shapes that are perfect for weddings with their designs. One can find among others the following forms:

– hearts
– rings
– pigeons
– crosses
– roses
– pies

Particularly attractive is the confetti, which is designed in shiny metallic colors, as it reflects the light wonderfully and exudes special charm and a kind of magical effect.

So confetti is used

Traditionally, wedding confetti was often used to give the bridal couple in front of the church or the registry office a fitting welcome. Today, however, confetti is rarely scattered in public places because it is regarded as soiling and in some places even prohibited. But you can enjoy the confetti at the wedding location and throw the bridal couple to their heart’s content with the shimmering paper pieces. The wedding confetti is also used as a table decoration. Of course, the pretty little motifs that make the theme of wedding so clear are especially popular. They give the table a charming expression and also creates a reasonably priced unique and beautiful table decoration.

Flowers as Wedding Confetti

You can use flowers flowers as confetti. The flowers come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Order the flowers from a florist or go collecting flowers with friends and family. Make sure the flowers do not stain. Get different flowers in different colors. So it looks much more colorful and colorful and ensures just because of the bright shining colors for unique views. You can let the flowers and flowers dry, which takes a relatively long time. With the flowers you can then fill and burst balloons, which in turn leads to a wonderful surprise effect.

Tables are also often decorated with flowers. Here beautiful roses are suitable, which are very good by the size of their rose petals. Real flowers are perfect for this, but they do not necessarily have to be real. The flowers are available in different sizes and can be tailored to the decoration of your wedding.

Just do your own Wedding Confetti yourself

You can easily make confetti yourself. What you need is a pair of scissors, colorful paper, a punch and a bowl, where you can put in the finished confetti. Take enough paper of different colors and a punch. Then punch the paper and put it in a bowl. So now you have enough confetti. It’s easy and you do not need so many things for it.

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