Wedding Chocolate as a favor

At weddings it is customary to say goodbye to guests with a small gift. With this, the bride and groom give the guests a small thank you for their participation in the festival. It does not have to be a great gift, the idea is rather to give a little pleasure. Sweets are ideal for this. Packaged in sachets or glasses, chocolate is a gift that is suitable for guests of all ages and is generally appreciated. The favors can be set up on a table near the exit so that every guest can take their wedding chocolate with them when they leave the celebration.

This is how the Wedding Chocolate can look like

There are many ways to use chocolate as a gift at the wedding. Of the numerous ideas, it is easy to find a very individual way to use chocolate as a gift for your own wedding. This includes:

– photo chocolate with the photo of the wedding couple on the wrapping paper
– personalized chocolate dragees with name or photo of the bride and groom
– chocolates with the picture or name of the wedding couple
– chocolate lucky charm
– chocolate hearts

With these charming ideas you can certainly give the guests a treat.

Wedding Chocolate for the newlyweds

Chocolate has been shown to increase happiness, so it can also be a good idea to give the bride and groom chocolate for their wedding. Such gifts can go far beyond a simple bar of chocolate. You can, for example, give away a chocolate fondue in a set or a chocolate subscription, where the couple receives a seductive chocolate gift every month for a year. In our online shop you will find many other delicious ideas related to chocolate, which are wonderful gifts. So you give the couple enjoyable hours that will be a pleasure long after the wedding celebration.

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