Buy the most beautiful Wedding Cards for original congratulations

The days when wedding cards were boring and standard-designed are long gone. Today, one can buy a number of imaginative wedding cards that spray with individuality and allow the sender to send a very personal greeting to the wedding. Some cards are elaborately designed from the outside, while others initially seem simple and when you open up an imaginative Faltbild grant, which always provides a surprise effect.

To make a joy with Wedding Cards

If you can not attend the wedding party yourself, a beautiful wedding card is the best way to convey your good wishes. When choosing imaginative cards, you can quickly find exactly one card according to your own ideas. Available include:

– 3D maps
– folded cards
– funny cards

Of course, the magnificent cards can also be handed in personally at the wedding or attached to the gift.

Wedding Cards with content

It has become customary today to give money to the young couple for the wedding. The most elegant form of presentation is to put the money in a beautiful greeting card. Thus, the gift is much more personal and you can make the bride and groom at the same time a double joy: the money gift is welcome and you will enjoy looking at the pretty card. In addition, you can also get wedding cards, in which a gift certificate is integrated, the value of which you can determine yourself. So you give the wedding couple the opportunity to choose a gift according to their own needs and tastes.

Play the right wedding cards

If a couple gets married in the circle of friends or acquaintances, it is customary to send the best wishes with a wedding card. In the trade you will find a large selection of tasteful cards, so that you can choose from classic to modern, a perfect model that fits exactly the bride and groom. Most wedding cards are designed as a double card, so you can attach a gift of money. Inside the card there is also enough space, so that one can express his appreciation with a personal statement.

The best text for the wedding card

If you have found a beautiful wedding card that suits the bride and groom, it’s about personalizing it with your own text, so that you can make the wedding couple happy with just a few words. The writing of wedding cards is easy, considering a few basic considerations. With the right structure you have already laid the foundation for a perfect wedding card. You should divide as follows:

– introduction with personal address of bride and groom
– bulk to convey the wedding congratulations
– concluded with a heartfelt desire formulated

It’s a good idea to write the structure and text on a piece of paper first. So you can improve individual formulations and also ensure the spelling before writing the final text on the card.

Find the best formulations

When writing the wedding card, it depends on how well you know the bride and groom. As a close friend you can formulate personally and in the main part may also attach a small anecdote from the shared past. However, if the newlyweds are only more widely known acquaintances, one should rather formulate neutrality. You can also opt for a matching wedding quote that you find on our wedding portal.

There are a thousand things to say about marrying. Anyone who wants to be organized from A to Z has the opportunity to do so in a particularly perfect manner.

Find the most beautiful saying about the wedding card

If one has selected a wedding card with taste and prudence, one would like to provide these naturally also with a beautiful wedding saying, which fits on the one hand to the newlyweds and on the other hand also expresses the own congratulations clearly. For this you either have the opportunity to formulate the saying for the wedding card itself, or even to use a quote. It is important that you always stay focused on the bridal couple, so that the card is a real pleasure.

So you find the saying for the wedding card

How to formulate the wedding card spell always depends to a large extent on how well you know the bride and groom. Close friends usually find it easy to create a spell based on shared experiences. There are several ways in which such a slogan can be designed. For example, you can opt for one of the following versions:

– classic
– modern
– funny

If you decide for a funny wedding card saying, you should definitely make sure that the necessary respect is maintained, to avoid that the bridal couple feels offended. For a very conservative couple, it is usually advisable to use a classic saying.

Even write or quote?

A self-styled wedding card saying can quickly inspire enthusiasm and is a perfect way to convey very personal congratulations. But not everyone feels called to write such a spell themselves. In these cases, one can resort to a quote to give the card the necessary shape. Matching quotes can often be found on a wedding portal. Of course you can also use the words of a great author, which can be found in literary citation collections online or in books. With such a saying, the wedding card looks particularly elegant.

Here you will find the right saying for the wedding card

For your common life we ​​wish you all the best for love, happiness and health.

We wish you all the best in the world for your wedding.

Love and only the best for your future as a wedding couple wish you …

May you always be so in love as today! Good luck and joy wish you …

Congratulations on the marriage wish you … ..

We wish you the best of luck and health for your future together as a wedding couple. May you always go through life together with joy and love.

We wish you a wonderful life for two! Happy marriage!

Quotes for the wedding congratulations

The sum of our lives are the hours in which we loved.
Wilhelm Busch

Experience teaches us that love is not about looking at each other, but about looking together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Let go, what you love. If it comes back, it belongs to you – forever.

Love gives nothing but itself and takes nothing but itself. Love does not possess, nor does it want to possess. Because love is enough for love.
Khalil Gibran

That’s what love is all about: That two lonely protect and touch and talk to each other.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Love is not what you expect to get, but what you are willing to give.
Katharine Hepburn

Love is not a solo
Love is a duet
Adelbert of Chamisso

A good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.
Frierich Nietzsche

Love is the only way in which even the stupid reach a certain size.
Honoré de Balzac

A drop of love is more than an ocean mind.
Blaise Pascal

Matching poems for the wedding card

It’s worth it to be a little bit sweet and to screw everything in the simplest way. And it is not to forgive magnanimity that others quite different than we believe. And was it true that passion meant nature in the good and in the bad, because a knot in the lace is only able to dissolve with peace and with love.
Joachim Ringelnatz

You are one now, you two, and we are one with you. Drink a glass of good wine for the duration! And stay at all times facing each other through strife and discord will never destroy your covenant.
J.W. v. Goethe

If, like you, two really like each other, then their marriage is also under a good star. In any case, we wish you only sun and after every little cloud again bliss! There are times when happiness is too much, and times when there is not enough. There are days when you are beggars and hours when you are king.
Caesar Flaischlen

We wish what you want from the world, infinite love, a home, enough money, we wish whatever you can wish for, the young wife and the young husband. And in the sky, they pull up the clouds, then push them away, let the love run. Congratulations, to the loving couple that binds today, for now and forever.
Claudia Duhonj-Gabersek

It’s nice when two stars are close together in the sky, beautiful, when two roses burn red in one another. But in truth! It is always best to see how two, love each other, stand together blessed.
Justinus Kerner

To the engagement

Tailored to the character of your wedding, all the messages to the guests regarding layout and color design should be like the famous red thread.

This can already begin with an engagement card or the invitation to the engagement party.

Wedding cards for invitations

Of course, the theme of “wedding cards” is indispensable when inviting you to the feast day itself. Here, not only the administrative things such as places and dates should be indicated, but under certain circumstances also references to gift ideas that are especially welcome.

And the personal touch can be underlined with a beautiful pair photo and / or a sentence or poem.

Place and menu cards

Here the fields of application are clearly marked: registry office, church, wedding table. Pretty name cards bring every guest exactly where they want him. And everyone feels personally addressed and respected again.

But you should forget about anyone else, otherwise the shot may backfire!

The thanks

The wedding card after the feast is the icing on the cake. With it, you can ultimately validly prove class and strengthen the memory of your day of rejoicing. The personal thank you for participation, support and gifts received is certainly very well received. And preferably a maximum of two weeks after the wedding ceremony.

In our shop you will find a wide selection of matching items.