More than just a candle – the Wedding Candle

One of the most important components of any wedding is the wedding candle – it should carry the prayers of the bride and groom to heaven. Even in the Middle Ages, the ignition of the candle was the custom.

The tradition of the wedding candle at a Christian wedding continues today. The wedding candle is lit during the Christian wedding and is to carry the wishes and prayers to heaven. In the church, the candle is worn by either the flower children or the bride. The young love should have a bright and radiant effect on the wedding guests.

Wedding Candle – individual details

The love of the bride and groom should be reflected in the wedding candle. The candle can of course have different ornaments. It is adorned especially with Christian weddings with a cross.

However, if the wedding candle is to be included in the ceremony, it will be announced with a reading – usually recited by relatives, friends or groomsmen. Wedding poems, lyrics and wedding sayings are particularly suitable for this purpose.

The right word

I am more than a candle, I am a gift, a very special gift. To give you pleasure as long as you look at me, I have received a particularly beautiful dress. I get a place of honor in your house. If happy events or joy reigns in your heart, ignite me.

Let me be the light in the dark, if you are burdened by threats and fears. In addition, the flame should always burn only for you, if you have the courage to miss each other.

I am always there for you. I am your wedding candle. Let me burn as long as necessary. I’m waiting for a new opportunity when you’ve blown me out.

The symbolism of wedding candles

The wedding candle can be designed individually and should be a symbol of your love. You can provide candle with individual symbols and pictures. On the candle is usually the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date attached. You can also choose between different sizes and designs.

Eternal glow of love

The radiance of the wedding candle is maintained even after marriage. It is freshly lit on the wedding anniversaries as well as on the wedding anniversaries. As a reminder, the candle is unpacked on big days. Some candles are decorated with anniversaries.

Buy Wedding Candles – Have fun shopping

With a large selection of wedding candles you will find modern, traditional or even timeless models, which convince with high elegance and solemn beauty. For many centuries, the lighting of the candle is a beautiful custom at the ceremony and even today, this tradition is maintained. The wedding candle is considered a symbol of love and therefore the selection is also particularly significant.

Note: Online you can buy wedding candles many times cheaper than directly in the trade.

Choose the most beautiful candle for the wedding

The traditional wedding candle is white and round and decorated with the name and the wedding date in silver or gold script. However, if you want something different with the candle, you will find in this category an eclectic selection of candles, which are individually designed in a beautiful and modern way. This includes:

– word light candles
– wavy candles
– multicolored candles

In many families, the wedding candle is kept in a place of honor and re-lit every wedding day. So the candle is a memento of the important day that will last for many years. That’s why most couples buy big wedding candles, which can burn for a time each year and not burn down too fast.

Order candles for the wedding on time

A wedding candle is also a nice wedding gift for the bride and groom. If you choose a candle that bears the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date, you should order it in time and provide the information you need right away. So you can make sure that the candle is also completed in time for the wedding.

What is essential

To beautify the candle, you should have a spell engraved on it. It should not be long. A quote is also welcome here. Just make sure it’s personalized.