On snapshot hunt with the wedding camera

The wedding day you want to remember as best as possible. That’s why a lot of photos are taken at the wedding, which are not just the official photos of the professional wedding photographer. With a wedding camera and Photo Booth you can secure many beautiful souvenir photos and at the same time provide a fun entertainment for the guests.

Wedding Camera + Photo Booth

With a Photo Booth you give the guests the opportunity to take photos of themselves according to their own wishes. As a rule, there are also some accessories available, such as funny hats, mustaches or glasses, with which the photography is so much fun.

The advantages of such a Photo Booth are obvious:

– less stiff photos
– also for guests who do not like to be photographed
– funny snapshots
– entertainment at the wedding

For these reasons, the Photo Box is now one of the most popular facilities at the wedding.

Photo tasks for the guests with Wedding Cameras

Even wedding cameras make for a lot of fun at the wedding. These are simple disposable cameras that are equipped with flash and take quite neat photos. The cameras are distributed to every guest or every table. There is a list of photos to be taken throughout the day. This way, guests are entertained and at the same time receive a series of funny snapshots, which are very different from the pictures taken by the photographer.

Wedding Cameras for original snapshots

At the wedding party, you always strive to find the best ideas to entertain your guests. We are happy to organize games that will allow guests to spend their time. An excellent option, which is always met with enthusiasm by the guests, are the wedding cameras. These are small disposable cameras, which are distributed among the guests and ask them to take certain pictures. As a result, guests have something to do over the course of the day, and they quickly start talking to each other in their search for the desired motif. The ice is broken and quickly a happy mood comes up.

Disposable Cameras – fun wedding game for guests

The wedding cameras can be distributed to every table. Together with the camera, guests receive a list of instructions. The following ideas may arise when designing the photo assignments:

– a dancing couple
– the most beautiful photo of the bride
– a photo of the oldest person at the wedding
– a funny event

Soon the guests will leave their table in search of the perfect motif and enjoy the wedding to their heart’s content. Even older children can be excellently employed with the cameras at the wedding.

The matching Wedding Camera

Make sure that you have a good camera, if you do not know enough about it, inform yourself. Watch that you have the most beautiful moments on video and make sure you have a good camera crew. Not only the video is important, but also the photos. Make sure you find the right photographer here as well. Find a place where beautiful photos can emerge. Go to a location with your partner and take a photo shoot.

Memories from a different perspective

If you tell the guests to use the small disposable cameras basically with flash, often quite neat shots come off. These give small events at the party, which are usually not captured by professional photographers and therefore form a special memory of the small moments at the party, which one later looks like. Thus, the wedding cameras serve a dual purpose: the guests are entertained in an original way and at the same time you get some unique photos. The cameras can already be ordered cheaply online and are an asset to any wedding party.

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